Nigeria is not safeZeluwa, Safety Officer
One thing you’ll not miss about this man is the love, passion and concern he has for human life, his humanitarian services and philanthropic way of life made him to enjoy the sobriquet Onyenyemaka (cheerful giver) in his home Town. Mr. Jamaike Zeluwa-45, born in Ama-Ikpile of Ovoko Town, in Igwueze LGA of Enugu State, he is the founding father of the Zeluwa Foundation for the Prevention of Accident (Zelfpa) and the CEO of Herzog Nig.ltd. Speaking to Daily Sun recently, the London trained safety officer disclosed that Nigeria is not safe for habitation, noting that the reason for regular occurrence of accident is lack of information and awareness. He disclosed what inspired Zelfpa and his plan to alleviate accident.
What inspired Zelpa?
The zeal to establish this foundation dawned on me some couple of years back when I loss my boss and immediate brother as a result of minor accident, they were involved in a minor accident but due to lack of immediate attention and treatment they died subsequently, and I have been a living witness of some fatal and minor accident that lead to mega-death. It touches me a lot so that is why I decided to inaugurate (Zelfpa) a platform that will preach about accident prevention in every quarters of the country.
What causes accident?
Accident happens as a result of what we do and what we don’t do, it may fit into carelessness, unseriousness and ignorance man in his environment or location.
What is safety?
Safety is a freedom from unacceptable risk of harm for man, his properties, environment, and his value. Man is safe when everything around him is in order.
Source of income
Our major pre-occupation in this platform is not to make money to serve humanity, aside preventing accident, we have other things, we train people and also publish book about accident prevention
Vision of Zelfpa
We are out with a vision of bringing the regular rate of accident to its minimum level, we also desired to support the study of safety in the high institution. We’ll also preach safety as a way of life in the church, mosque, home, on the road, industries, motor park and even in the shrine.

Federal Road Safety and their roles
I muss confess that the Road Safety Workers are doing well, but one thing they fail to admit is checking of drivers’ particular, their duty is moderation of behavior on the high way and provision of daily routine

Government involvement
It has been very encouraging, they were happy when we tabled the proposal about the study of safety in high institution to the National Assembly earlier this year.

Safety in Nigeria
Nigeria as a country is not safe for habitation because, we like going contrary to lawful act, an architech will design a house, while the bulder will look for Agber to build it, a man would go to the FRSC to acquire driving license and will be issued with out any inquisition or information, am afraid we are not safe.
Marital status
Happily married to Mrs. Mano Zeluwa and blessed with four children (two boys and two daughters)
Role model
My first model is my wife, for her tolerance and mutual understanding, while on the foreign scene is Mr. Gianpiero Salagaralla (-an Italian) for his motivation and exemplary life.



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