Ruggedly Righteous



The trio of Linus Ita (Line-3), Mercy Anaba (M-Cee) and Florence Ikeng  (P-Flow) otherwise known in the music circles as The Ruggedly Righteous recently hits the music scene with a special brand of gospel music. Speaking with Daily Sun, the group which was united by love said its first single titled praise Jehova a few years back.

On how they came together one of them said “we were in the choir department of our church some years ago, Linus is the keyboardist, while both of us (Mercy and Florence) leads the ministration, after the weekly rehearsals we used come together to compose our own
personal song after which decided to form a group called Ruggedly Righteous”
They further disclosed that they have been performing at different churches and social gatherings since they came together. “Our inspiration comes from the Holy spirit “ they added, noting that ruggedly righteous comprises of people who preach Christ in a rugged way” The gospel musicians whose song is recognized and is being played by Sound City, Music Africa and Nigezzie, explained that a combination of genders in the group is not a threat to their unity as they are happy being together.

On the issue of HIVAIDS among the Youth, they admonished thus, “ we have to Zip-up as we are all aware that the disease is incurable”, the crooners affirmed that they are also good in poetry writing, computer and reporting. On the pressure of a Cameronian counterpart they have this to say, “ we see her as a sister and also a friend.

Africa remain one and in music there is no tribe nor language. Expressing her feeling in the country, Florence (P-Flow) stated, “ Nigeria is a home the people are kind, even when I travel to my country I don’t notice any difference, so home is home”. They further said their role models are Women of faith, Keffi and Buchi. The group who are residing in Surulere area of Lagos explained that with great optimism they hope to see themselves at the top in next couple of years, describing why artistes fail to continue in group “ failure to be together is based the state of mind of every singer, if there is pride in a group I don’t think such a group can last for years, going solo is not a crime but if the group agrees yes you are free and if they don’t you have to stay on”. The young talented artistes whose music is directed by Jig-Jeg drew the curtain of the interview with a powerful advise to everybody

“ Life is like an ocean if you don’t know how swim you ‘ll get drown, don’t be an enemy of progress keep your head up and see your dream coming through.



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