How Navy boys walloped Egbere papa!

BAYELSA State- born militant singer, Timaya, had a rough taste of love turned sour portion when he was manhandled, handcuffed and subsequently detained by the Festac police for conducting himself in a manner likely to breach public peace.

The show of shame ,which happened last Sunday at an Alakija Lagos-based church, Praise Resurrection Ministries aka Jehovah Sharp Sharp church, disrupted the service, leaving several members of the house of God bruised.

In what an eye witness account described as a reflection of the lyrics of one of his hit songs, Timaya in company of some of his goons, arrived the Church without notice and sauntered into the Thanksgiving service being held in honour of a newly wedded couple named Bridget and Nerho

On arrival, he was allegedly given a seat by one of the church ushers. But he insisted he wanted a place in the front row where (according to our source) he would be positioned to listen to the Pastor and his sermon.

But when the usher stood his ground, he calmly sat without betraying any emotion of what he planned to do.

On his entry, his ex lover, Empress Njamah who was said to have become alarmed quickly stood up from where she sat and made her way to the front row area where some elders of the Church sat.

According to our source, she had expressed her fear to one of the ushers about the danger of Timaya coming to Church saying she was certain he was there to make trouble.

And true to her prediction, Timaya who had seen her move decided it was time to make his own move. It was at this point that he drew the attention of one the ushers insisting he also wanted a place at the front area. But his move was thwarted by the usher who at this point sensed there was something wrong.

As the usher stood his ground, Timaya lost control and began to shout at the top of his voice and to the chagrin of the worshippers, “I want to retrieve the key of my car which Empress took away from my house.”

When the usher insisted he waited until Church service was over, he became unruly and uncontrollable. At a point he was said to have lifted one of the plastic chairs in the Church and tried to attack Empress. This move was however contained by some of the male church worshipers.

“As the struggle and show of shame continued, Timaya, who at this point was shouting at the top of his voice, was rough handled and bundled out of the Church arena.

As the burly musician resisted every attempt to reason with the Church officials, a concerned naval top brass who also worships at the Church, invited his men from the nearby naval barracks and Timaya was subsequently handcuffed and handed over to men of the Festac Police formation. He was detained briefly and later released after pledging to be of good behaviour and on self recognition.

But in a new twist to the church fracas, some explained to this writer that there is more to the story than what the couple exhibited in church.

“The true story, according to our source is that Empress had drawn the anger of the musician on the ground of unfaithfulness.

“Timaya heard Empress was getting married to another man in the said Church and that’s why he stormed the church to disrupt the phantom wedding. Unknown to Timaya, the much talked about wedding took place on Saturday and it was between one of Empress best friends and her long-standing boyfriend.

“What you saw happen in church was a clear exhibition of a man in love and jealous of losing his loved one. I think what both lovers should do is to involve family members who would help them thrash all their differences, ”our source opined.

Empress, who confirmed the story to one of our reporters, however maintained a sealed lip.

The police, she told us, had advised that she says nothing to the press. We could not however reach Timaya as his phone was switched off.

Police spokes man, Mr. Frank Mba, a Police Superintendent who confirmed our story said, “Following the incidence, Timaya has written a petition to us, saying that Empress amongst other allegations, had not only squandered an undisclosed sum of his money given to her to hold in trust, she had also gone beyond his back to remove the said vehicle from his house and without his permission.


I wan pieces the maga

I wan enter the small boy wey tell everybody say im be egberi papa

The thing wey dey vex me be say nowadays children dem no dey get respect

If you give them microphone make them sing wetin dem sabi na to dey praise themselves

During our time, I say no be like this

Musician dey blow, musician dey fade

If you never blow, my brother wait for your turn

If you don blow, make you no use am dey pose

No use an dey brag, no use am dey show off o

See Timaya, e too dey pose

See Timaya, e too dey brag

Anywhere he enter na so e go dey pose

Scatter im face, carry shoulder up

He buy motor, he go take am sing

He f**k t*t*, he go take am sing

He smoke I**o, he go take am sing

He rent flat, he go take am sing

Me I take am say na lack of education

He no sabi handle fame and fortune

He no ever believe say he go get money

When small money come, e come enter im head

Come scatter im brain, come make am dey feel like egbe

Original egbe the papa


I wan finish Timaya

I wan pieces the maga

I wan scatter the mugu

I wan enter the small boy wey tell every body say im be egberi papa

Well right now today today Naija dey gbadun your style

Thank God for your life, I happy say you dey shine

But I hope say no be only motor you just dey buy

I hope you dey put some money for bank

Because I hear you dey talk of Camry 2.2

And I hear you dey talk about Toyota Spider

Small thing you for tell us say you buy helicopter

See, I get small advice eh, I hope say you dey plan for your future well

I get one secret to tell you, no musician go reign forever

I get one koko to yarn you, one day Naija go bone your face o

Remember say na only one style you dey use

Remember say na *** dem dey use for your voice

One day your juju go clear from people eyes

That time if you sing, e go be dem like say na noise

Remember say you never reign reach Kimono

Remember say you never reign reach Baba Fryo

Remember say you never reign reach Daddy Showkey

Remember say you never reign reach Daniel Wilson

Remember say you never reign reach Blackky

Remember say you never reign reach Danfo Drivers

Remember say you never reign reach Shina Peters

Remember say you never reign reach Tuface Idibia

All these people dem reign, dem let person hear word

E don reach your turn, everyday na to dey pose

You don forget say to reign na luck, no be sabi and no be by work

So my paddy make you no come here dey start to dey pamurogo, carry shoulder up just like a tolotolo



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