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Following the split of the defunct planthshun boyz, little or nothing was heard from Blackface, the third voice of the trio. Born Augustine Ahmedu in Obalende Area of Lagos in 1974, the Idoma-born artiste told Daily Sunrecently that he has been away to re-organize himself. 

He disclosed that his forth-coming album would rule the air-waves. He ruled out the possibility of re-uniting the defunct Plantashun Boyz, adding that if there is such move, he would never return to the group.

Coming into music

I started my music career right from childhood. I grew up in a music- loving family.

Why they call me Blackface

I got the name Blackface while I was in Primary school. There were two Augustines in my class then, so the only way to identify me from the other Augustine was the one with blackface. That was the name I used while we were together as Plantashun Boyz before adding Naija to it.

Changing from Blackface to Blackface Naija

Basically, there are others who bear the name Blackface in the world, there is Blackface from Germany, another from China and all that, I think the only way to distinguish myself from them is by adding Naija to my name to show that I am from Nigeria.How Plantashun Boyz came to being
I was in the music business before I met my friend and brother; Tuface Idibia. We both grew up at the same street in Otukpo, Benue State. We attended the same Primary and Secondary school before I gained admission to Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Tuface met me there and he told me about his music career and from there, we formed the Plantashun Boyz befor Faze later joined us.

Fall of Plantashun Boyz

We did not go solo on account of quarrelling or fighting, we are all matured enough to be alone. God endowed on us the talents, some people said we quarrelled before splitting, that is a lie, Tuface is my brother; we are all from Benue State and Faze is my colleague in the industry as well.

Returning to Plantashun Boyz

Never, I don’t see that happening, I will never go back to Plantashun Boyz again; I think being solo is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

Writing African Queen for Tuface

Yes, we did the song while we were together as Plantashun Boyz. I have the right to ownership of the song; even Tuface can’t deny that, because I asked him to include the song in his debut.

Any regret for giving him Tuface African Queen?

No! I don’t think I am regretting; and I am not going to regret for allowing my brother to do away with my song, I have this talent of writing music and I have been doing that for many artistes. I even sang the reggae version of the African Queen in my subsequent album, I don’t brag with my talent, I am getting benefits from African Queen as well. Its an intellectual property, the fact is not all writers are singers and not all singers can write.

My kind of music

I love speaking the reality. I always comment on the ills of the society for instance; in my debut; Ghettochild, I sang about the state of the country like bribery and corruption eating deep into the nation’s economy.

My forthcoming album

The album I am going to release would be the best ever. The picture and presentation are fantastic, it is entitled Dancehall Business. I did it with some professionals in the music industry, it has some tracks such as, Wetin I go do, See them Hot, My sheikoko among many others.

My previous album

Some say my previous albums are not doing well in the market but I would say up till today, Ghettochild, Evergreen and the others are still doing well in the market.

Growing up in Benue state

Growing up in Benue State was nice. We had to move from one location to another before we finally relocated to Otukpo. It was there I decided to go to school in Makurdi where I equally met Tuface.

Sometimes, we artistes are architects of our predicament. Some would take their work to Alaba for compilation just to make name. I think any established artiste cannot cry over privacy.

My plans for Idoma artistes

Right now, we are planning for the “Benue sons of the soil” concert. We just want to come together and address some issues as well as raise talents. We may not be able to do it all alone but we want to contribute our quota by encouraging youths in Otukpo, Ugbokolo, Owukpa, Makurdi and its environs feel the vibes.

My label

I am the CEO of the Loudhouse Entertainment. I partner a US based label called, Modern Rhythm.

My parents
My parents have been supportive right from my childhood, though my mum is late now, I hope to meet her someday.

I am happily married to a Yoruba lady and we are blessed with two kids, Alexander and Caroline.

As a father
Being a father is the best thing that could ever happen to me, waking up in the morning with my wife and kids is a great joy.

To my fans
They should keep their fingers crossed, the best is yet to come, they should also stay by me and I will give them the best.




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