Benue tragedy

Benue triple tragedy: Couple who wedded March 6 and died May 6 buried side-by-side (PHOTO)

By Ladi Ogbe

The people of Gboko area of Benue State could not hold back tears on Saturday, as they watched three of their citizens, Mrs. Erdoo, Mr. Timothy and Mr. Godwin Tyo Jime Asoh being laid to rest side-by-side.

IDOMA VOICE tragedy struck in Benue State recently after a couple lost their lives in a fatal road mishap in Gboko Area of Benue State. The sad incident came just just two months after their wedding. 

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The incident took another tragic dimension after the father to the groom, Mr. Tersen also died on his way from the burial of his in law.

The trio was laid to rest in their country home in Gboko area of the state amid tears and tribute.

A bereaved Benue Family member, who gave his name as Ukula Racy Ter described the late Erdoo as good friend.
He said, Person wey you see today tomorrow fit to die but it’s all the Lord’s doing, Nurse Erdoo, all I got is a memory of you.
I can’t believe i will never get to never see you no more
, will never get to share the things we used to share before. Now you are on the other side of existence!
Rest in peace Mrs. Erdoo, Mr. Timothy and Mr. Godwin Tyo Jime Asoh.”



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