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Idoma Movie Review: Ada –tears of an orphan

The major per-occupation of this movie is that you can never predict the destiny of a man.

Little Ada (Esther Daniel) was forced to pass through hell following the demise of her parents at a very tender age in the house of her uncle (Isaac Ochedikwu).
The little orphan would literarilly go to bed in tears and also wake up in the pool of tears.

The poor orphan’s cousin, Eneh (Pamela Peters) made life miserable for her but thank God for the help of the male counterpart (Godwin Ochola) who insisted that Ada must be respected and treated like one of them.
Life became more miserable for the poor girl after she turned down her uncle’s verdict to marry a man she doesn’t love. Like the biblical Joseph, little Ada fell into a pool of heavy allegation and she was sent away from the house.
She relocated to a far away forest where she spent many years and enter covenant with a spirit who promised to protect her.
Days rolled into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. Ada (Jane Odoh) became mature and decided to return home.
She eventually located her long time friend, Onyeche (Alice Ayegba) and her mum (Ada Ameh) who accommodated her.
Upon her arrival, Onyeche’s mum was knocked down by a hit-and-run bicyclist and she died. Anarchy is the word.
He who laughs last, laughs the best. Ada eventually married  and nemesis eventually caught up with her uncle’s wife and wicked cousin.

Duration:  2hrs 55 mins
Language: Idoma
Director: St. Godwin Ochola
Year: 2009
Verdict: Bronze
Reviewer: Ekre Christian



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