Lesbianism: Picture of Benue girls sparks controversy online (LOOK)

A certain Wueseter A. has triggered what would be best described as a social media tsunami following a controversial picture she posted on Facebook to celebrate with a female friend simply identified as Yanfa on her birthday.

The two ladies who are believed to be natives of Benue were pictured in a ‘tongue romance’ as many citizens lashed out on them for open display of lesbianism.
This pix says it all. “How much i love you, How much you mean to me, How precious you are to me”. You have been a very good sister and friend to me. Been with me in and out, front and back. One this special day of yours i pray God to bless and grant you all your heart desires. Keep you real as always and forever beautiful. My Love for you is real baby girl” she wrote.
Most commenters who could not hide their feelings lambasted the duo for such ‘rubbish’ act.

A visibly angry Igomu Adams said:
wait wait waaaaaiiiiiittttttt!!!! wer u guyz lik tongue to tongue in dis pix????
On his part, Kersha Atu commented:
Girls are terrible these days…

Wanter Tor-Uja commented:
I’m one of the most liberal people on the planet…. and this picture irritates me. It’s in very poor taste my dear. Granted all things are lawful, but not all things are expedient.

Sam Ijoho commented:
Is this really necessary..?
If you have a ‘reasonable’ sense of humour, you would know that the society we live in, is in serious war with ‘morality’, decadence and as such should understand better than to post a picture of such controversial disposition.. Unless ofcourse, YOU POSTED EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEANT.

However, IDOMA VOICE observed that when heat hit became unbearable, Wueseter quickly deleted the picture from her wall.



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