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OPINION: National mandate; Enenche, comedy and the Nigeria dream by Enenche Enenche

Written By Idoma Television on Thursday, July 30, 2015 | 11:41:00 AM

I finished reading the book; The Principles and Power of Vision by Dr Myles Munroe today, and since then so many things have been running through my mind.
When I conceived the vision of comedy and national mandate in my early days of comedy in 2006;"To stir an undiluted national consciousness through comedy", I never looked it. Only few gave me a chance.
The passion was overwhelming and those who can remember my early days in comedy, can attest that National Anthem was my stage signing in identity.
Trying to explain my vision to some folks was a difficult task, trying to let fellow comedians know that I am different has been one the greatest tasks of my sojourn on planet earth.

My turn around came when in November 2006, I found myself at Dunamis Int. Gospel Centre Abuja in her 10th Anniversary Convention, where I did comedy and It was a great outing. Pst Oloche King Adaji of Makurdi took me from Makurdi to Abuja for the convention.
After the ministration, I was given 15, 000 Naira, to me this was big money. Giving me the platform was greater than any monetary benefit... I was shocked to be given money.

I went to a Bookshop beside Togo's Supermarket and spent the money buying books.
I remember buying the following books;
-How To Speak in Public by Dale Carnegie.
- The Law of Recognition by Mike Murdock.
- The Burden of Freedom by Dr Myles Munroe.
The books were like eight. The one that disvirgin my mindset and set my heart right was The Law of Recognition by Mike Murdock.

I went back to the Bookshop because I just had this great appetite for reading. The owner of the Bookshop looked at me and said; Young man I see your passion, take this book and go and read, even if you don't have money, go with it and when you have the money, you can bring it.
I took the book; The Principles and Power of Vision by Dr Myles Munroe. This marked the beginning of the realisation of self. I have never remain the same again since then.
I have bought this book for over seven times. I bought it for a banker in Makurdi, she resigned the next month to start a clothing business, today Jumoke is married with two children and her business ia growing.

Back to my mandate, another frustrating period of my life was when family members were applying pressure on me where I don't necessarily need pressure maybe due to an error or a mistake that I have put behind me long ago.

I carry a dream, I have a mandate, I am living from within but they are using external environments to predict me... they use Chemistry to preach fear to me.

They know me too well, they never believed I had a mandate. But all these are coming because of love and care the have for me, I appreciate anyway.
It takes a level of right stubbornness to fulfil vision... at times I wonder if they believe I have the Holy Spirit at all.

Another frustrating part of the journey so far is when men try to compare me with contemporaries.
You hear things like; Enenche do your show see AY, " Enenche do Audio CD", "Enenche do that". I was so pressured that I tried Audio CD, It fell flat. I struggled to do it, after sleeping at the studio countless times... it was not time to be announced.

I have never printed a postal for any show, I dont have a personal vidoe CD in Market. But of late I am beginning to hear in my spirit that it is time.
I know what I have grace for, I work never to be like anybody or copy their work.
God told me that as long as I voice out want He puts in my mouth, the grace to survive it is available.
I was instructed in my dream:

" No man can spill your blood on the shores of Nigeria, as long as you walk in purpose, but you must not step out of Nigeria for now... out of Nigeria is out of the radar of preservation."
"Learn Nigeria, study Nigeria and know Nigeria because it is the Nigeria you know that you would sell abroad when the time comes."

When some folks were not comfortable with my views, the did all they could to block me. I just have this gracious way of bouncing back. If they had knew; the easiest way to get me was to lure me from the shores of Nigeria... even if it were Benin Republic.

Comedians do come to ask me,
"you are not on air", you are not into heavy publicity but you have a way of being comfortable and doing big events that we who are air personalities don't have access to."

I do respond that it is the grace of God. I don't struggle for microphones, any event you see me, I was invited. The few I struggle for I either go there and be messed up or struggling.
Many people including comedians, don't have a clear sense of purpose. All they know is that; " They want to hammer". "They want to blow".

I keep asking them, after the blow and hammer what next? No sound sense of vision.
I would forever remain grateful to Dr Myles Munroe for allowing God to write the book through him.
When you walk in vision and purpose, God is bound to provide and preserve you.

Every Vision has a defining boundaries, may God help us not to cross the boundaries of our vision.
When purpose is misunderstood, motives are misinterpreted and abuse is inevitable.
I sense a break-forth, the time has come!
I rest my case.
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