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66 days of confusion in Benue People's House, Makudi; the Ortomatic retrogression

Written By Idoma Television on Monday, August 3, 2015 | 5:20:00 AM

Yes, I can say it again, the current priests of Benue political shrine are confused. So confused and visionless that they fail to realize that there's a big difference between Bart and bat.
The current administration under the leadership governor Samuel Ortom has shown that it has little or nothing to govern the already decaying Benue State. It is an Error!

I have no regrets over that, my words are already out, and can not be eaten, I will stand by my conviction.

Those who have been following me in this journalistic evangelism would discard baseless sentiments, by agreeing with my instincts. I definitely don’t write to score cheap political points or gain favour from any politician. I say it, just the way it is, take it or leave it. I still say, no regrets.

Inasmuch as I was one of those who fought and campaigned  gallantly for the enthronement of change in Benue State, I will not shy away from baring my mind whenever those we crowned continue to misstep.

When the former captain of Benue political ship, Gabriel Suswan who is already on his way to calvary handed over the mantle of leadership to Ortom, I did a piece entitled, 10 mistakes Ortom should not make as Benue State governor.

In my writeup, I reminded the governor not to forget the
old African proverb that says, "the cane that was used to chase the first wife is still waiting for the second wife."

It would interest one to note that Ortom and his deputy, Abounu had spent 95,040 minutes in the renamed Benue Peoples' House dragging the state back to the days of Adulam. 

Regrettably, the current administration is beginning to prove to us within the last 66 days that it has nothing to offer this entity called Benue.

I have been observing political activities in Benue in the last few days and here are the '66 reasons Ortom will disappoint Benue people'.

Join me this Friday as I take you on this Ortomatic journey.

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