Abubakar Tsav

Buhari’s supporters are corrupt, liars – Abubakar Tsav

A former Police Commissioner in Lagos State, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav has said President Muha­madu Buhari’s supporters will disappoint him in his anti-corruption campaign.

Tsav, who spoke to Daily Sun in Kano yesterday said “while he (Buhari) has demonstrated his dislike for corruption and injustice, many of his followers in the states are deeply involved in corruption and injustices.”

Assessing Buhari’s first 100 days in office, he in­sisted that some of the President’s supporters were like other politicians who had been termed corrupt . Tsav said Buhari’s support­ers ”blend and cover their acts with lies.”

Applauding a number of policy actions of the administration so far, he charged the President to spare no one in his war against corruption.

He said: “In order to succeed in the war against corruption, President Bu­hari should have no sacred cows. He should keep his words of belonging to everybody and belonging to nobody.”

Meanwhile, veteran broadcaster and former Director General of the Voice of Nigeria ( VON ), Aremo Taiwo Allimi has disclosed that people who are corrupt in Nigeria were not up to four per cent of the nation’s population. He told Daily Sun in an interview that if President Muhammadu Buhari could deal with the few corrupt people, the country will be better. Allimi, who was former Chairman of Broadcasting Organisa­tion of Nigeria (BON ) pointed out that bad governance was what brought insecurity and that good governance was what Nigerians need which is what Buhari represent. His words: “Many of us don’t realize one fact, that when you talk of insecurity, when you talk of bad governance, it’s only a few people that are involved in corruption, bad governance and insecurity.

“Not more than 500,000 are involved in corruption and insecurity in Nige­ria; but with Buhari, once he has started now and is able to give us good gov­ernance there won’t be in­security,” he added.

Anyone supporting Buhari is corrupt – Tsav



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