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Ogbadibo youths queue behind Audu Ogbe, hail his nomination as minister

Written By Idoma Television on Thursday, October 8, 2015 | 1:24:00 AM

By Peterhot Apeh

The Nigeria’s 55th independence day celebration was marked by Ogbadibo Youths Congress who used the advantage of the one-day holiday to hold its summit
Barr. Akor Ikwuoche, convener and president of the Ogbadibo Youths Congress (OYC) in his opening remark, after an opening prayer from Pastor Daniel Igba, stated that the OYC, since its formation in 2009, has achieved so much in ensuring a peaceful, corrupt-free society anchored on unity and love for the progress of Ogbadibo, Idoma land and the entire nation. Ikwuoche who gave kudos to the APC for the rumored speculation of the nomination of their son, Chief Audu Ogbe, for a ministerial position, said “the change we suffered to orchestrate is here”. He thanked participants for making out time to honor the OYC invitation and asked them to relax and feel at home, adding that Ogbadibo is a home for all.

Speakers at the event amongst other dignitaries are former APC chairman, Hon. Samuel Enemari; Idoma National Youths Forum president, Comrade Ogbole Lordsam; Ogbadibo Local Government Chairman, HON. Pius Ogbadoyi; Idoma Governor Support Group leader, Comrade Apeh Peterhot; Ogbadibo Development Congress pioneer founder, Prince Yemi Itodo amongst others…

In his speech, Hon. Enemari asked the OYC to disseminate such information early enough to avoid taking them unaware. He said most of them have something vital to offer the OYC but this particular event took him and his friends unaware. Enemari however praised the OYC for the sight and vision in projecting the development of Ogbadibo and the entire Idoma.

Speaking at the summit, the honorable chairman of Ogbadibo local government, ably represented by the supervisory councilor for works, HON. Anthony Oodo, said the Ogbadibo Local Government is ready to work in partnership with the OYC to bring out the best in Ogbadibo youths adding that the youth is the leader of tomorrow hence anything done for him or her is not in vein. He announced that the council chairmen has declared amnesty for recalcitrant youths and reckless individuals terrorizing the council. He said any of the caretaker committee members can be contacted by anyone who’s interested in submitting unlicensed arms for reward by the council and the APC/Dr. Ortom led administration in Benue State.

The Vice chairman of the council, HON. Benson Audu, called on the OYC leadership to remain focus in the economic empowerment activities of the OYC. He urged them to remain united as unity is the only wonder and fulcrum that mimics growth and development.

Speaking at the summit, Senior Special Assistant to the SSG and former Ogbadibo State Assembly contestant, Hon. Austin Agada, reiterated his commitment to see OYC work. He said “when I came in here, the ushers wanted to take me to the high-table but as a foundational pioneer member of the group, I decided to sit anywhere to give room for our visitors. He lamented that the council did not put up any program for the independence adding that it is time to embrace ‘change’ which is the only constant thing on this planet earth. He such a youth summit is encouraging as youths are the machinery that set the State development wheels on track. He cited Arab and the Middle East as countries enjoying the advantages of youths involvement in their leadership affairs.

Cheers as the Idoma National Youths president, Comrade Lordsam, speaks.. The COMRADE said “Idoma youths must wake up, we must wake up. Let me tell us today that I’ve traveled to most of the African Sub-Regional countries and I can boast of the fact that there’s no tribe or place that has intelligent people like the idoma land.” He said the Ogbadibo is the power bloc of Idoma’s socioeconomic and political culture but lamented that the big council was unable to settle its scores handy at home until it escalated to the public foray. He however reiterated the INYF readiness to work with the OYC to enhance Idoma’s standards of living.

Applauses were heard as ‘Idoma Governor Support Group’ leader, Comrade Apeh Peterhot, mounted the stage. The fearless comrade berated the Ogbadibo council for its failure to put up any program for the first independence since ‘change’ hit the country. He said the OYC’s invitation extended to him was a great privilege for him to associate with his brothers once more.

 He however urge all Idoma youths to come together with the soul aim of projecting Idoma’s greatness saying we cannot afford to stay and pretentiously seem comfortable in the marginalisation being meted to Idomas by our Tiv brothers and told the public that it was unjust that one particular comrade didn’t work in the interest of Idoma in the last PDP gubernatorial primary election due to the fracas involving the comrade and Steven Lawani during the house or representatives primary election. Apeh however said IGSG is working hard to project a Benue Governor of Idoma extraction in the next election, urging all idoma youths to remain united and shun selfish politics and the ‘bring him down’ syndrome being witnessed amongst the youths.

The founder of Ogbadibo Development Congress, Prince Yemi Itodo, urge all idoma youths to be steadfast in projecting good image of Idoma land wherever they found themselves. He advised that the ‘change’ we’ve got must be sustained. He added however too that ODC is working on bringing all former Ogbadibo council chairmen to come and account for their stewardship at the council. He lamented that the council has no direction to head concerning the Fulani Herdsmen who encroached their land and make it difficult for farm produce to yield its usual strength.

Several other youths representatives from Ogbadibo protested the alarming encroachment and threat from the Fulani herdsmen saying it was high time the Local and State Governments heard their cries.
At the end of the summit, OYC, INYF, ODC and the Ogbadibo Local Government agreed to partner with each other to enhance the progressive standards Ogbadibo and all Idomas deserve.

In his closing remarks, the OYC president who appreciated all participants for coming, said the OYC passes vote of confidence on Dr. Audu Ogbe and asked that God prosper him and everyone concerned in the Idoma struggle.

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