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INTERVIEW: Why Idoma may never rule Benue – Anyebe Peter, National Treasurer, INF

Written By Idoma Television on Sunday, November 22, 2015 | 10:04:00 PM

Paul Peter Anyebe, famously known as AP has carved a niche for himself as an academic entrepreneur in Nigeria.
Having established one of the most-sought after schools in Lagos State, the Idoma son has no doubt written his name in the golden accademic book of history.

With over two decades in business, his institution, AP Schools, located on Chris Idowu Street in Ejigbo area of Lagos has groomed and graduated thousands of students.

In this interview with IDOMA VOICE’s Publisher, AMEH GODWIN, Anyebe, who doubles as National Treasurer of Idoma National Forum, decried the death of education in Benue Zone C.
The Ohimini-born philanthropist whose first foray into politics hit the rocks equally spoke on his challenges as an academic entrepreneur as well as other germane issues.


How would you describe your first experience in politics?
It was a wonderful and memorable experience. I went home, trying to offer my service to my people through political office. Although, I was not successful at this attempt but I  hope subsequently, I will be successful.

The greatest legacy one can leave behind is the legacy that would benefit mankind.
This is the kind of legacy we want to leave behind. Though, we are not there yet but we promise to support those who are there to make sure they achieve their goals so that when we are also there, they will support us.

From your experience, would you venture into it again?
Service is in various dimensions. Not until you are in elective post before you serve the people. You can equally serve the people outside government. The people in government could call you to come and contribute what you have. It is in many areas where one can contribute his own idea to the development of the land not necessarily through political office.

Nothing is foreclosed in life, as long as there is life, there’s hope. I’ve come to realized that service must not be in area of elective post, you can be anywhere and serve your people. The major thing is that you should serve your people, impact on your society and contribute to the development of the land.

How were you going to combine running your schools with politics?
I am an entrepreneur, remember. The truth is that you can’t do everything. You must have people who work with you. As an entrepreneur, you have people working with you. 

All you do is to mobilize resources to run the business. For instance, if you own a school, you are not going to be the principal, class teacher, accountant, bursar and the cleaner. That is why we have areas of specialization. All you do is to put people in charge of offices while you oversee.

Death of education in Idomaland, what is the reason?
We grew up to know that Edwin Ogbu and others had northern schoorlarship privileges. If you notice very well, most families in Idomaland are just having their first generation graduate. If you get to the south west, reverse is the case.

I recall very well that in the 70s, once you are through with primary school, you will go out there and either join police or look for clerical jobs.

But when primary school was no longer sufficient, secondary came on board. That is why if you go out there, you will see most of our boys doing security works or doing menial jobs.

The truth is that Idoma people like going to school but the resources is the problem. And again, the level of the awareness is very low. The people will have to accept it that beyond secondary school, you will have to acquire tertiary education to help sharpen you skill. 

After that, there’s postgraduate study that could help sharpen what your learnt from the higher institution. Not until you go into any of these conventional schools, you can go and acquire schools, through technical school and what have you but people don’t think about it.

What is the way forward?
You just keep appealing and keep creating awareness. The level of the awareness is not there. For instance, how many of our people are aware of School of Medical Records in Enugu? What about School of Survey where you can graduate from there and become a surveyor.  Leadership is not until you buy cars for the people.

 The more the people are aware, they get out of subjugation. Awareness is the way forward. Once you get to power, create more awareness. It is not just telling them about military and paramilitary, there are other areas they can acquire skills and become better in the society.

When are you establishing a school like AP in Benue?
It is not a must you erect physical school. You can use the sources here and finance people at home. But that is in the pipeline, we are working with friends, we are looking beyond secondary school this time around. We are also calling on anyone who is interested in establishing university back home should contact us.

Do you see Idoma ruling Benue in the nearest future through the help of INF?
INF alone cannot make Idoma man the governor of Benue State. If the Idoma people want to rule Benue, they should fight for it.
Nobody gives you power by begging, even the Bible says the kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violence people take it by force.

You must act, take some decisions and fight for it. We can only rule Benue State if we are ready. We must fight for it.

Talking about you schools, AP, tell us the story so far?
It is by the grace of God. It’s been God all the way. Me personally, I didn’t read education, I am just an education entrepreneur. It’s not been easy for somebody from Benue State to come over here and establish this kind of business. One thing is that Idoma man is successful in whatever he does. Look at entertainment industry, in sport and many other professional areas, Idomas are dominating. Well, AP started as an extra-moral class before we grew up into conventional school. We hope to do something better as time goes on.

How old is the school?
AP is 21 years. The secondary arm is about 13 years. The continuing education department is about 21 years. The primary is about 9 years.

Tell us about the achievements of the school
One of the major achievement our school is that there’s no single institution in the country that you can mention that we don’t have our product in there, including the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA). Event outside the country, US, UK, Spain, Canada. Every week we send out a lot of transcripts.

Let’s meet you sir
I am Paul Peter Anyebe. A native of Otolu, Aume in Ohimini LGA of Benue State.
My parents lived outside Benue, I had my primary education in Maiduguri, secondary education in Jos, then my University education at University of Nigeria, Nnsuka, then my post-graduate study at University of Ibadan. I left university in 1989, I read Agricultural Economics.
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