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Nigerians react to removal David Mark (SEE)

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, November 28, 2015 | 11:23:00 AM

By Apeh Simon, Enejor John and susan Enenche

Nigerians, particularly social media users have continued to air their views on the removal of former Senate President, David Mark by the court of Appeal on Saturday.

IDOMA VOICE reports that Mark's election was nullified for rigging his way into the senate for fifth term.

Our reporters sample the opinions of Nigerians on the blogsphere and bring you ttheir verdicts - ranging from Twitter. Insagram, Facebook and Nairaland. 

Enjoys .

Nobody dey even hear him voice for Senate. Is like he became fed up as a senator when his party failed to produce majority, thereby denying him the SP- OrlandoOwoh

It is high time David Mark hang his boots. l wonder what he will in the coming campaigns be telling his people he would do for them that he failed to do as Senate President for 8 years and his non contribution in the present senate will not help him! - Pavore9

He has not been completely removed like people are saying. The tribunal ordered a rerun. If the people want him they have to troop out enmasse during the rerun, vote for the APC man and insist on having their votes counted. Otherwise there is nothing stopping David Mark from rigging the rerun election too. I hope they succeed in truly and finally throwing him out. The senate seat is not his father's property. - adeaks

I condemn this judgement, I co demon it, I condemn it,
This is a slap on our judiciary which we see as the last hope for the common man.
David mark in the past 8yrs did a lot for his people and Nigeria in general.
I urge David mark to proceed to the supreme court and reclaim his God giving mandate.
Enough of this nonsense nullification of PDP members mandate -franchizy 

Life, their are too many political thieves that have gotten into power previously, and it seems when the truth starts to rein supreme, everything looks like a mess "upside down"- just imagine if GEj had won the elections, he would have come back as senate president (David Mark) and their would never be anything like up turning of his election, because he is S.P- now everything has gone into that stage know as rabaraba - confusion! olajide8

Only a certified fool will expect David Mark to lose an election in idomaland!!The man is a god in idoma land take it or leave it!! chukwudi44:

Na wao Oga David mark, no more federal power to help save d day, Like Fela talk, "one day go b one day -  

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