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Onjeh vs Mark: I was misunderstood by Yemi Itodo

Written By Idoma Television on Monday, November 30, 2015 | 11:27:00 AM

It could be recalled that I wrote a piece on Saturday titled ‘APPEAL COURT JUDGEMENT: WHY ARE THE TIVS HAPPIER THAN THE IDOMAS’ and it has been trending for 48 hours on social media. With the feedback I have received so far, it appears that, that humble and harmless article was grossly misconstrued in many quarters.

This was evidently manifested through the rejoinder contortedly concocted by a certain Godwin Omeje and was published on IPN News website, where the fellow took a swipe on my person and also inadvertently exposed Dan Onjeh to an unwarranted acrimony against other young men in Idoma land; whom he accused of working for PDP and David Mark.

I refused to reply him and other inconsequential Commentators who were chorally drawn in the same ocean of misconception; for the interest of peace.

What baffles me most was the acrobatic dexterity shown by the state government in an attempt to exonerate itself from the “alleged complicity” in the appeal judgment. And I asked myself, did anybody accuse the Governor of any complicity in the first place?

That was as laughable as a response of a smart boy who was asked by his parents if he had been to the kitchen today and he replied “I didn’t steal any meat oo”.

Whoever that advised the Governor to make that statement has only succeeded in drafting our dear Samuel Orotm into the ‘hibiscus incubus’ and I won’t talk much on that.    

Sentiments aside, I had observed that our Tiv brothers and sisters did not only cause traffic jam on the social media, they also broke plenty bottles of wine in Makurdi till DAYBREAK, jubilating over the sack of a Senator that doesn’t come from their district. Whereas, every average Idoma youth and elder I interacted with on Saturday were pained and concerned about the development.

Out of curiosity I decided to ask the passionate and harmless question that “Why are the Tiv happier than the Idoma” over the judgment. It was during the interface on the post that I genuinely got the answer to my question through some Tiv youths that responded.

My major concern was not that I was misunderstood by some few readers (because majority of the responses I got shows that over 80% of Idoma youths and leaders caught the synopsis of my article with perfect reasoning).

My challenge however was the attendant misinformation erupting from the shallow-minded Facebook analysts and self styled e-rats who would not consider the peace, unity and tranquility of the Idoma people.
I consider it as a great disservice to Idoma land.

Why on earth should anyone conceive it that I do not like Comrade Onjeh and as such won’t support his aspiration? For the records, Onjeh and I have a lot of things in common and we also have a working relationship. Aside being my brother from the same local government, Onjeh is a vibrant young man like me and I have much respect for him as much as he respects me, especially when it comes to taking stand on salient issues.

I have always admired his courage even back in the days of his activism at the university and I always pray for him. He knows what I’m capable of doing and I tell you that he values and respects me more than those sycophantic choristers who think they love Onjeh more than I do.

Inasmuch as I wish to have such a fine gentleman as my Senator, I still want to emphasize that I should be allowed the freedom of expressing my opinion on issues bothering my people.

Onjeh as a Comrade knows that I cannot keep quiet in times like this – when the general interests of the Idoma people is on the front burner; when the frame of inter-ethnic cold war is becoming inflammable; when   the conundrum of gangly arrangement vis-à-vis inordinate intrusion, incursion and invasion of our neo ‘colonial masters’ via our porous in-house agents remains disentangled.

One thing I detest in my entire life; one thing that can make me stands up with lantern under hot afternoon and look the face of someone I always hold reticent. And if there is anything that could make me disrespect a man I once respect; it’s his effrontery at insulting my people.

If I ever have a friend from another tribe, the day he insults the Idoma people is the day he ceases being my friend. You cannot tell me that I’m good but my people are bad. You cannot tell me that I am your friend while you hate my people. I am too protective of my people and like I always say, “I don’t have a problem of my own; my only problem is the Idoma problem”.

I have said it before and let me say it again for emphasis’ sake that, both Onjeh and Mark are our sons. We and we alone have the powers to decide who takes the seat in the rerun election. If we like, we vote Onjeh and if we want we vote Mark, using our PVCs. It’s not the business of outsiders what become of the election.
We are matured enough to choose our leader. So, Teachers don’t teach us nonsense
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