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(OPINION) Idoma in opposition politics is Idoma in relegation by Akor Ikwuoche

Written By Idoma Television on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 | 8:27:00 AM

By Akor Ikwuoche

As the buildup to the re-run election into the  Benue South senatorial seat gathers momentum,  there are stark realities which the Idoma people  must not and should never take for granted.  Number one, we must know that playing  opposition to the government in power by any  section of the country would ultimately constrict  all engagement channels that will guarantee easy  flow of dividends of good governance to that  area. 

Yes, that is the raw truth.  In multi-party democracy, especially the way we  run our system in Nigeria today, government  presence and its dividends to any part of the  country are largely got through lobbying.
This is  why the Constitution of the country ensures fair  representation of all constituencies at the  parliament and also insists that even the Federal  Cabinet must consist of, at least, a minister from  each state of the federation. In reality, no  representative of any constituency can achieve  much in bringing government presence to his/her  people except that representative is of the  mainstream platform - the ruling political party. 

 We can not deceive ourselves about this.  As a minority people struggling for political  survival, economic empowerment and social  development, the Idoma people can not afford to  play opposition politics at this time. Our  distinguished elder statesman, Senator David  Mark, had always drummed this fact to our  hearing, that, Idoma as a people should never  contemplate playing opposition politics. That  tradition of political mainstreaming is now well  entrenched in Idoma land and we can therefore  not afford to shift the goal post now for any  parochial interest of the same elder statesman  who now wants to run against the tide, even  against his own personal philosophy of political  mainstreaming to the detriment of growth and  development of the entire Idoma land.

 Senator David Mark may be influential during  Goodluck Jonathan’s government because his  party PDP was in power then BUT now every  influence and connection with both the state and  federal government devolves wholly on Comrade  Dan Onjeh, on whom the ruling party, APC, has at  this time vested all trust and mandate as its  candidate to represent the good people of Benue  South at the senate, and by that, Comrade Onjeh  remains the only LINK between the Idoma people  and the government in the parliament. It is  therefore unarguable that A VOTE FOR THE PDP  AND ITS CANDIDATE IN THE COMING RE-RUN  ELECTION IN ZONE C IS A VOTE FOR THE  RELEGATION OF THE IDOMA NATION and we  can not afford to contemplate pushing the most  resourceful and blessed people of zone C into  relegation bench. God forbid.  

Winning the psychological warfare  There is an ongoing psychological warfare being  brutally waged against the Idoma people by the  reactionary forces of the People Democratic  Party (PDP) with the ultimate aim of  undermining the collective interest, wellbeing  and development of our people as an opportunity  cost to service the ego, greed and selfish  interest of their master.  After the crash of the perfidious promise of Apa  state creation which was hitherto used as the  bargaining chip for the PDP and its candidate in  every election, the same team of deceivers are  now harassing our emotions with another  phantom package, saying ‘the Tiv imposed APC  candidate on the people of Benue South’. 

What a  trash! Is it only by mischief that PDP and its  candidate can best canvass for votes? Funny  enough, the presenter of this non-existing  situation failed to tell us how the Tiv imposed  the APC candidate on zone C. They also could  not tell us how the imaginary imposition of  candidate, though not true, would affect our  representation at the senate, change the origin  and character of the APC candidate Comrade  Daniel Donald Onyirofie Onjeh, a bonafide son of  the soil from the Ogbadibo LGA, whose starling  qualities as a freedom fighter, defender of the  defenceless, unionist of uncommon passion, an  activist per excellence, a thorough bred  intellectual, a consummate family man, a lover of  God and a true representation of the younger  generation, remains an inspiration to many.  

Those mischief makers go about peddling this  vicious package in order to unnecessarily raise  bad blood between the Tiv and Idoma people  who have, since the creation of Benue state,  enjoyed mutual cooperation and peace till now.

  Idoma is not at war with the Tiv, therefore, no  one should create any bad blood among us just  because there is an elder statesman whose  political fortune now effluxes but could not  discern the oracle. It is always better and  honourable to leave the stage when the ovation  is loudest. 

It is time-up for our most respected  elder statesman, Senator David Mark GCON and  he should therefore step aside honourably and  commence the noble role of an elder statesman  while our effervescent brother, Comrade Onjeh  steps in to discharge visionary leadership with all  inclusiveness in contrast to that of the out gone  Senator. 

REMEMBER GOODLUCK JONATHAN.  Change is always possible. Change is constant.  CHANGE has come to stay in Nigeria. God bless  the good people of Benue South Senatorial  District.  AKOR IKWUOCHE
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Isaac ogoyi said...

Everybody is entitle to his opinion, David Mark has make Idoma nation proud intense of everything there is no doubt about that, we still need he to represent our interest in the National Assembly, we have to support he so that he can continue with his good work. I want all of us to join hand and vote for him, as for me, he remain the best candidate for the job.

Anonymous said...

Your opinion though..In my opinion, he is the worst thing to have happened to the Idoma nation..Wait and see how prosperous the Idoma nation will be under Onjeh.David has only succeeded in retarding and restricting the development of the Idoma nation and its citizens.We want him out.I will beat him hands down in a free and fair election in Benue , even without the resources at hs disposal.The man has no political value..

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