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"We did not conduct online poll to rubbish Ortom's government" - Online portal replies Benue commissioner

Written By Idoma Television on Friday, December 4, 2015 | 12:18:00 PM

Total Voters: 967
The management of BENUE.COM.NG, Benue’s #1 information portal is constrained to make this uncharacteristic press release concerning the published results of the online poll conducted to assess the performance of the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom in his first six months in office.
Following the release of the results in the which majority of respondents rated the Governor’s performance as abysmally poor, there have been responses from different quarters most notably, the State Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Hon. Odeh Ageh who dismissed the results that it was “biased, false, misleading, a spurious fabrication, lacking credibility,” and all manner of demeaning adjectives. He also alleged that there was “inherent opposition” in the conduct of the poll.

Suffice to, at this juncture, remind the general public, and perhaps, the government, of the founding tenets of this media outfit which is to deliver the latest news, brain-stimulating opinions, incisive commentaries, interviews, strategic insights and analysis of life, to the best of our abilities, “as seen through the eyes of Benue people” and NOT the eyes of the government of the day, not before, certainly not now, and never.
The website is privately owned and run by dedicated youths who are internet and social media enthusiasts and activists. It is therefore not affiliated to any other media, ethnic, religious or political group.
The said poll was not the first on our platform. In the run-off to the last Benue gubernatorial elections, a similar poll was conducted. The results of the real elections weeks later was reminiscent of those of the online poll in which the present Governor, Samuel Ortom defeated his opponent, Prince Terhemen Tarzoor.
We also conducted opinion polls to assess the peoples expectation of Governor Ortom on his assumption of office and also appraised his performance one month after. Only recently have events shown that the results of those polls were favourable to the government, as they were not adjudged to be “biased, false, misleading, a spurious fabrication or lacking credibility,”
Like or loathe, accept or dismiss, the results of the latest poll, just as the others before it, are a true, unbiased, non-politicised reflection of the general feeling of the people which every responsible government should not take for granted. 
We make bold to state categorically clear that these sort of online polls will continue because as a media outfit, we owe our allegiance to the people and will continue to engage in activities that advance their courses. If anything, the government should be grateful for the rare privilege of getting undiluted feedback from the people who put them in office.
We therefore urge those offended by the outcome of the poll in question, and other polls in the past and in the future, to sheath their swords and come to terms with the realities of governance in the twenty first century, or to say the least, governance in a democracy – supposedly by the people, of the people, and for the people. 
The management of BENUE.COM.NG will make no further statements concerning this matter.
Kind Regards
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