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Benue South rerun: Obande Obeya confirms Alekwu has endorsed Dan Onjeh

Written By Idoma Television on Monday, January 4, 2016 | 10:22:00 AM

Chief Obande Obeya, the Oyame K’Idoma has urged all the people of Benue South Senatorial District  to vote massively for Comrade Dan Onjeh, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Senatorial re-run for the district.

He made this statement when Comrade Onjeh made a new year visit to his home at Otukpo.
According to him,” the kind of politics they are now playing has shifted from the bogus promises of  the creation of  Apa state to one of wiping up a wedge between the Tiv and the Idoma through divisive sentiments.”

“I have asked the Och’Idoma if there is any quarrel between the Benue South people and the Tiv nation and that question was answered with an emphatic no” He added.

“When we visited his Majesty, the Och’Idoma two weeks ago, he asked that prayers be rendered to you in the traditional way. The five pieces of Kolanut used in that prayer all faced upside as a sign that our ancestors are approving of your candidacy. Even the Paramount ruler was surprised.”

“It is true that you came to pay me a visit today, but next time you’d come it would be to thank me for my contribution towards your victory”
He reiterated that victory would be Daniel’s even if the PDP come to the contest with  a lot of money like they did in the last election.

He recalled that in spite of the fact that APC in the last election gave them only N5m and that Comrade Abba Moro alone spent  N140m, they still gave PDP a fight. Abba Moro did everything within his power to bribe his way to victory.   

He was giving boys between 200, 000 to 400,000. Even at that, it was only a few of our boys that sold out for which Moro compensated them with positions in the paramilitary.

On Onjeh’s delegation to the Chief  was Amb. Dr. Dickson Akor, D.G Onjeh Campaign Organization, Alh Mohammed Hassan, Zonal Chairman, APC Benue South, Hon Enayi Onaji, Fmr Aspirant House of Assembly, Ogbadibo state constituency, Chief Mike Inalegwu, For APA Local Government Chairman.
Take a listen to the concluding part of Chief Obande’s remark to Daniel Onjeh.
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