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David Mark can only die for his family; he wants to go back to protect his loots - Onjeh

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, January 9, 2016 | 11:56:00 PM

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By Dan Atayi

The All Progressive Congress flag bearer for the Benue South Senatorial rerun election slated for 13th February, 2016, Comrade Daniel Donald Onjeh has called on the Benue Zone C community to kick out Mark from the senate.

Onjeh said Mark's promise of dying for the Idoma people was only a gimmick so he could be returned to the senate to protect his loots.
The former NANS president stated this on Saturday when he paid a courtesy visit to the Ada Oju, His Royal Highness-HRH Augustine Egbere Ogbu and his beaded Chiefs in the home of the Oju traditional Ruler of Ainu Ward.

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He was accompanied by APC Chieftain Chief Barr. John Ochoga in a company of APC State Chairman-Comrade Abba Yaro, Zone C Chairman of the APC-Comrade Mohammed Hassan, the Oju C/Chairman, Hon. Comrade Onminyi Otibeku [SIC], the C/Vice Chairman of Obi LG-Hon. Gabriel Iji [SIC], the Secretary Igede Unity Forum-Prof. Moses Ogbaji, the C/Chairman of Ogbadibo LG-Comrade Abba Paul, Abuja delegation directed by Engr. Morgan Ogah [SIC], and a host of others who for want of time and space might not be mentioned. 

The AdaOju received and blessed Comrade Dan Onjeh emphatically, orally and spiritually declared upon the Senatorial Candidate that: "by the power of God almighty and the ancestors of Igede people, no one can stop you and your good aspiration to represent us at the Senate House; because when a man wants to kill a Goat, fowl or any animal at all, his knife must get to certain extent before he succeeds. 

"Your presence today that brought so many people from Abuja, Makurdi and from all over the country, gives me joy, and for this singular act, you will succeed in your quest; your foes and opponents shall not stand you successfully, you will see clearly more than the Lions and the Tigers in the darkest of nights.

"You shall continually be ahead of your enemies who will never see you nor hurt you; because of this honour and visit, you shall be honoured and good visitations of success shall continue to come your way, Igede land will give you all their votes which will decide a great deal for your victory in the forth-coming election"...he said.

He also assured that he would ensure that all his chiefs prepare their subjects to meet with the comrade in his next visit for a greater harmony before the rerun date to ensure a landslide victory citing that as traditional leaders, they are obliged to ensure good, balanced trado-political and ideological concepts that is vividly seen in fairness, equity and tranquillity.

On his part, Onjeh assured that the traditional institution of the land would be held in high regards while respecting same. 

He said it is glaring that 'Zone C' can not afford to play opposition politics in Benue State and that aligning with the ruling party at both the State and Federal levels would guarantee and attract much dividends of democracy to the land; citing that Zone C has never been in opposition in the past Seventeen Years, therefore, can not afford to be in opposition now that a better government of the APC and President Buhari is on power to drive Nigeria to a safer haven.

He wondered why his opponent, David Mark would want the Zone to remain in the PDP which is now the opposition party that plunged Nigeria into pervert corruption, economic woes and insecurity of lives and properties!

At the Oju Township Stadium where mammoth crowd of supporters and fans were patiently waiting to see and hear from the hopeful Senator,  Onjeh told them that how can a Man who said he will sacrifice his life for the Idoma nation, advises Idoma nation to remain in the corrupt and opposition party? 

The crowd 'shouted no way!' He asked the crowd "can David Mark die for you?" They shouted No! Then he said that it is glaring now that David Mark ill-represented the zone c people of Benue state, that it was David Mark who said zone c must never play opposition politics as minority in the state, how come he wants the zone to remain in the PDP which is now the minority party? 

That such ironical statement is unbecoming of a distinguish Senator! He reminded the crowd of how the PDP administration was corrupt with none of them credible, citing how a governing party could murder it's national security operatives and persons by sharing funds meant for the procurement of arms and ammunitions into their private Bank accounts! That- that is the height of wickedness any government, administration and nation could do to her citizens. 

"The Soldiers went to War with Terrorists without enhanced weapons, yet some were killed unjustly by Terrorist, others were court-marshalled for refusing to fight with no military equipment and logistics, all these happened in the PDP administration were corrupt Leaders were celebrated. Are these the kind of Leaders and Senators you want to represent you?" 

He explained and asked meticulously, and the crowd echoed with a loud voice...'No way!' He then told the crowd that President Buhari's administration has demonstrated that corruption, impunity and insecurity would not be celebrated and tolerated in his administration. 

He said David Mark could only die for his family as he want to go back as Senator only to protect his loots and enjoy immunity clause that could cover his atrocities but not for the interest of the idoma Nation at all! He argued. He said no law maker in Nigeria that should forget to carry out oversight functions for the constituencies from which he was elected to represent. 

Logically, he gave examples of why the government at the federal level gives huge amount of funds that are to be channelled into constituency projects like rural roads, electricity, health, education, good water and security of lives and properties, arguing that such funds were different from personal and official allowances paid to the law makers, hence how could any law maker myopically say that he is not responsible for rural under-development and lack of infrastructural amenities as such that we see in zone c of Benue State? 

"It is done on us that we were ill-represented by a man who wants your vote again to continue sucking your futures and that of your children," He said. 

"Therefore, I represent the 'change' of the Buhari's administration whose time has come and the regiment of army and political bedevil could not and will not stop!" It is time to get out of 17 years of failure and abandoned projects, it is time for accountability and equity, it is time for freedom and opportunity for both youths and adults, it is time for us to take our destinies into our hands. 

It is time to know that the Tivs are not our problem but ourselves as the truth is glaring to see that our reps has not been faithful to us, rather lord it over us, it is time for sanity because if we don't help ourselves, we may never get help from nowhere. 

It is time to vote and let the votes count into realities in our streets and homes; no regiment of army can stop the idea whose time has come he said. 13th February 2016 is the D-Day! And the crowd shouted in a loud voice echoing 'Onjeh, Onjeh, Onjeh...'. 

He calm the crowd and said, "I have no money like my opponent to lavish on you, but I shall bring good tidings and dividends of democracy to you" the crow replied saying "we will vote you without money!" 

The Comrade then promised that as the seat of the State Deputy Governor rotates round from the Old Oju (Ogiri Ajene) to Old Okpokwu (Steven Lawani), to Old Otukpo (Engr. Benson Abounu), the same way, the Seat of the Senate would rotate round the zone c, hence Old Oju would be next after his tenure. 

That it will not be 'one man have it all' as usual! As that would amount to greed, selfishness, corruption of power and ill-representation. Then the interlude and echoes of 'Onjeh, Onjeh, Onjeh, continued in the cheering crowd.

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