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Dr. Paul Enenche of Dunamis reveals what will happen in 2016

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, January 2, 2016 | 12:01:00 AM

Dr. Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre has told his teeming followers to expect good things in this New Year.
The fire-splitting preacher while speaking at the Cross Over Service held at the Lord's Garden, along Airport Road, Abuja said those who believe in God will Break forth on all sides.
He also gave other good predictions.

1. The removal of whatever does not belong
2. To deliver you from whatever is distracting your service of God
This year, there shall be swift elevation; it shall not be by your
power or effort but by the grace of God (Hab. 3:19)
Garments of reproach have been set on fire and new garments have been put on your body
Ancient chains and yokes have been broken tonight
Every negative report in your hand has been set on fire!
Tonight, every load on your head has been transferred to sender!

There shall be the breaking forth of God’s glory
There shall be the breaking forth of revival
There shall be the breaking forth of Divine/Supernatural manifestations
There shall be the breaking forth of God at work. The season can be described as a season of God at work.

There shall be the breaking forth of joy and celebrations
There shall be the breaking of barriers and the taking of territories – limits shall be literally and practically broken.
It shall be dark and gloomy for the world, but it shall be light and glory for the church (the people of God).
The strength and confidence of many in the world shall fail but the strength and confidence of the people of God shall increase.

Human promises shall be broken but Divine promises shall be fulfilled.
For those who play church and don’t take God seriously, the days shall burn like an oven.
But there is shelter and comfort for the people of God.
For God’s people, the following shall be features of the year 2016:
1. The establishment of fruitfulness (the arrest of barrenness) – Isaiah 54:1
2. The establishment of enlargement (A season of supernatural enlargement and increase) – Isaiah 54:2
3. The dismantling of barriers and the taking of territories – Isaiah 54:3. The breaking of barriers and the taking of territories.
4. The elimination of shame and reproach – Isaiah 54:5. The swallowing up of shame and reproach.
5. The establishment of divine favour and acceptance – Isaiah 54:6-10. The end of rejection and disfavour.
6. The establishment of supernatural abundance – Isaiah 54:11-12. The flow of unbelievable supplies and affluence.
7. The guarantee of family welfare – Isaiah 54:13. Your children shall not miss it in life.
8. The guarantee of Divine protection and preservation – Isaiah 54:14-17. The weapon that can prosper against you cannot be fashioned.
9. The establishment of the dominion of the saints – Isaiah 54:17b “…thou shalt condemn.”
Existing in the realm of saying it and seeing it.
10. The establishment of joy and celebration – Isaiah 54:1. The breaking forth of joy and celebrations.
1. Righteousness – Isaiah 54:14
Being established in righteousness is key. Upright living; no crooked living; no double-standard living; no double deals.
2. Service – Isaiah 54:17
It is the servants of the Lord that have the heritage enumerated in the scripture. It is not for everybody.
- Serving in soul-winning – 1 Cor. 9:16
- Serving in prayer – Luke 1:36-37
- Serving in the house – Luke 1:8-10
- Serving with resources – Psalms 22:30, etc.
3. Praise and Worship – Isaiah 54:1
To break forth on all sides, we must break-forth in joy and praise. There can be no breaking forth for the depressed. No breaking forth for the unexcited.

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