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Idoma students in UNILAG issue statement on Benue South rerun

Written By Idoma Television on Thursday, January 21, 2016 | 12:28:00 AM


Our earlier press  release was to allow the history of both illustrious sons of Idoma speak for them at the poll.
However as an association of research students we had dig into the political/leadership history of the both individuals, as stakeholders in Benue south we must contribute our own part.
Distinguish Senator David Mark (Okpokpowulu k'Idoma) has attain political maturity and has done his best for the Idoma Nation starting from when he  was a military Governor, Minister, Senator and Senate President. 

The Idomas has reciprocate this gesture by supporting in all his actions including ones they are comfortable with and the ones the are not.

It was also discovered that Senator David Mark can function politically as Idoma political leader even as ordinary man on the street of Otukpo
He's politically powerful both home and abroad, this can not be said of any Idoma personality in an equal terms.

Consequently, Distinguished Senator David Mark will loose nothing, not even his political relevance if he's loose the Senate seat but this can not be said of the Idoma Nation in an equal term.
The Idomas happen to occupy the status of minority in Benue State with one out of the three senatorial district and constantly marginalised politically by our Tiv brothers n Sisters a situation regrettable.

The political weapon Idomas has enjoyed over the years was never to join a minority party, which Senator Mark himself has adviced the Idomas against in the past
This is the time for our Leader, Father and the highest benefactor of any thing government in the history of Idoma land, Senator David Mark to reciprocate all Idomas has done for him by telling them the truth again, that we can not be a minority group and be in a minority party no matter the strength of any individual politically or economically it is a political suicide mission.

If you send a child to a University, you will always expect just a graduate but if  you send as many as possible, you will b expecting as many as possible graduates. It when u send a student to school that u can realise his academic potentials, the better ones might not be the best. It is better to have Leaders than to have a leader, all that's important is for the leaders to put the general will first in their actions and inaction. We can not continue to put all our hope as people in the hand of just one man.

Dan Onjeh's leadership enigma has always being heroic, ranging from his struggle for the Nigeria Students and West African student was a selfless service that attract little or no income, in hunger and pain he was on the street conversing for a better for average students, a man with such leadership prowess is good enough for the Idomas to follow so as to enjoy the privileges of a ruling  party
Dan Onjeh represent the new generation of Idoma Leaders as such there is an urgent need for Idoma youths to take this opportunity and defend their feature, a feature where political power will not only be understand and enjoy by one sect of elders but both the old and young who will continues to ensure the desired change.

It is on this note that the National Association of Idoma Students (NAIS), UNILAG advice every well meaning Idomas, both old and young to team up with COMRADE DAN ONJEH  to retain our political weapon of staying with the mainstream party.

We are not in the class of those who said Senator David Mark has done nothing for Idoma Nation, we Know Mark has done his best but he's should allow another Idoma son to learn this process,  all that is need of our political leaders like Mark is to listen to the voice of wisdom, adopt Onjeh as a political son and mentor him for the challenge ahead in the interest of the Idomas and the one indivisible Benue South they always advocate. We are not chosen Onjeh over Mark but plead with Senator Mark and other political leaders in Benue South not take us to opposition party which they always said was bad for us.

This statement was Signed by the President of NAIS,UNILAG Comrade Ekere Anthony Abah and Gen. Sec. Agbo Innocent Jude and Was made available by the PRO Ayebe Adeyi
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blessed abah said...

Let our pvc decide nonsense

blessed abah said...

Let our pvc decide nonsense

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