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Idoma: Sustaining the labour of our heroes past

Written By Idoma Television on Monday, January 25, 2016 | 11:06:00 PM

By Morgan Adikwu

"Conscience is like an open wound, only the truth can heal it".... Othman Danfodio
Last week, I wrote an article on the forthcoming re-run election in Benue South, Where one Agbo Ejeh Lawrence illogically accused me falsehood. Unfortunately, Agbo in his craze for slander, did not dispute the construction of roads and the facilitation of the creation of Ohimini local government by Gen. Lawrence Onoja (rtd) as a military officer, neither did Agbo put up defense on the non execution of the constituency road projects of David Mark nor challenge David Mark's best not good enough for zone C. But just a flagrant display of ignorance.

Away from Agbo Lawrence's distraction, to the above subject matter. In the National anthem of Nigeria, in line five and six, read thus! The Labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain

The founding fathers of the Idoma Nation were patriot, industrious, hardworking, discipline, honest, sincere, transparent and dedicated to the Idoma dream and vision. They thrived as they meticulously and collectively built the foundation of what is today known as the Idoma nation and by extension Benue South.

In their service to the people of Idoma extraction and to put the kingdom at par with other ethnic nations, our founding fathers developed the infrastructure; roads, rail, other social amenities, such as pipe borne water and essential services. At the said time, the ancient city of Idoma kingdom, Otukpo was more adorned with these mentioned infrastructure and social amenities compared to Makurdi and Gboko, due to the nature of politics at that time.

During the first republic, the Tiv nation was in opposition while the Idoma nation in the main stream of the ruling party leverage on that advantage, to develop Otukpo town and its environ. Today, with resilience dedication, vigor and high sense of collective responsibility of the Tiv people, most town in Zone A and B has developed tremendously in terms of infrastructure, while hitherto Otukpo town is in disdain state of dilapidation and infrastructural decay, despite our golden opportunity of presenting the Senate president for eight years and a de facto president within the same period.

Our neighbouring state of Enugu has been given a face lift due to the execution of the constituency projects of Ike Ekweremandu. The deputy Senate president is celebrated in his own town, is as a result of the present of the road network in the state. During the commissioning of those roads in Enugu, our own, the then Senate president was there. What an irony?

Today, voices echo from the wilderness accusing the people of zone C, of reneging on the oath we sworn each time we say the National anthem. As a people from zone C, have we been fair to our heroes past? Have we been sustaining the legacies of our fore fathers? Is our style of politics (primitive accumulation) is it same with that of our founding fathers? Is zone C ripe for opposition politics?

Chief Audu Ogbeh recalled with nostalgia, how Zone C, has been in politics from 1960-1998, and within this period, there was no incident of political assassination. But from 1999-date, high profile political assassination, thuggery and other nefarious activities become the order of the day. A clear departure from our political culture.

As we ponder on the above, it will be necessary to bring to the fore, the event that took place over the weekend. Otukpo town stood still, as Government Day Secondary School Eupi was thronged with from the nine local government areas of Benue South. It was a flag off campaign of Comrade Daniel Onjeh , the Senate hopeful in the 13th February 2016 re-run senatorial election in Benue South. It was also a day set aside by the Benue State chapter of the APC to receive those that had crossover from the PDP, inline with the political philosophy of the founding fathers.

It was a gathering of Who is Who in zone C. When the count was done, no true relevant political gladiator was missing. The question is who then is/are in the PDP, as the zone awaits to elect for the first time since 1998, a true senatorial representative?

Zone C has resolved not only to sustain the legacies our heroes past but also attain what dead did not allow them to achieve; vibrant democracy, good governance, abolition of poverty, social justice and equality, access to free and qualitative primary and secondary education, housing and Medicare, access to road network and other social amenities, that was filtered away under the 16years of David Mark "representation".

As we await the 13th February 2016 date, we should bear in mind that our choice for Senate is not someone whose reasoning is only located at the chest and stomach but rather, the one whose reasoning is located at the head. He should be some one, who is aware that a legislature is empowered under our laws to conduct or direct investigation into matters relating to corruption, inefficiencies, waste of administrative appropriation that affects government MDAs.

The essence of such investigation is to foster good governance and enhance democratic accountability on the basis in which the people elect their representatives . This is a clarion call for support of Daniel Onjeh as the Senator in the forthcoming re-run election in Benue South.
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