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(OPINION) Idoma at 40: Daniel Onjeh has become the bridge

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, January 30, 2016 | 12:12:00 AM

By Dan Atayi

Even if it will cause injury or death, some of us are no longer afraid to die so as to save the future of Idoma Sons and Daughters. David Mark is going nowhere! 

Daniel Onjeh represent the history of the new Idoma nation that would establish unity among all Idomas as well as between us and our majority Tiv Brothers! 

He is a political scientist and a good fighter that has led more than 60 Million Nigerian students as well as over 140 million west African students, yet he was younger and from a minority Idoma. 

Now that David Mark has completely gone redundant at the National assembly, it is obvious that he never thought that the minority Idomas must have a positive voice at the NASS; if we are in the US, this singular act aside his many failed oversight functions, is enough to withdraw him. Papa David Mark, am begging you, pls come home and rest till 2019, I shall fight for you to become Nigeria President that you so desire.

 For now, Idoma will not be minority in the State and at the federal govt level just because of you alone! And I know that you know what am talking about, because your very self has told us so in time past.

 It is shameful and disgusting that you didn't complete any of your oversight functions won to Idoma land despites the heavy funds put into them by the administration of GEJ, well, we leave that to you and your EFCC boys, but for now, follow your own advise of never to be in a minority party as minority people! 

Haba! let's be credible for once! If you ever blame Onjeh for been sponsored by Akume or any of APC members, I shall remind you of the huge investment that you and your ministers and House of reps members made to ensure Tazoor became our Govr. Was Tazoor an Idoma Man then?

 You even brought him to Mark D' Ball and imposed him on us! You worked several times against Idoma Governorship stand, and you can never deny it because you did that twice now and I have the records. 

It can not be only you na! At least don't make yourself God over us. Daniel Onjeh will be diplomatic enough with the Tivs at the state level and with Mr. President Buhari at the Federal level so as to win equity in terms of sharing of governmental portfolios and dividends of democracy for the Idoma minority tribe. 

Thank you for giving Idoma people Jobs for 16yrs or 51yrs, your status could industrialize Idoma nation if u had wanted to do that. Just come home and be a Father to us. But if you insist you wouldn't withdraw, then am sorry, because you will loose at all fronts come 20th February! 

For those of u propagating lies or trying to fight dirty because of #50,000 or #100,000 given to each of you, may your futures and that of your children be like the way David Mark ruled Idomaland and the National assembly. You can say Amen if u are sincere. 

I can welcome your insults so long you prove me wrong with genuine points as to why I should ever vote David Mark! Only the guilty are afraid, and only the naives are mislead. Freedom has come to Idoma at 40yrs in Benue State. No more war with our Tiv Brothers, no more war with our igede brothers, there are diplomatic prospects to be gained at the State level by Comrade Daniel Onjeh. 

Diplomatic ties with the ruling APC and our Majority Tiv Brothers, could attain our desired goals as a people. I won't play the cowardice or sycophancy, neither should I be corrupt and blinded by monetary offers and shy away from the truth!

 This election come Feb 20, will define freedom @40 for the Idoma people both from external and internal oppressors! Vote Comrade Daniel Onjeh, the bridge, the future of the New Idoma Nation!
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Ikwue Adaji said...

The end is in sight for emperor david mark. .Onjeh 2016

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