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(OPINION) The irreplaceable David Mark

Written By Idoma Television on Monday, January 18, 2016 | 11:40:00 AM

By Sule Ngbede Samuel

One man is just enough to make Idoma history and that man for now is David Mark. History making doesn’t require multitude, it takes only individuals. To form the human race, God just needed Adam. To discover America, God just needed Columbus. To simplify car-making, God just needed Ford. 

To publicized golf, God just needed Tiger Wood. To fight the Idoma course, God just needed David Mark. When God found a willing man ‘David Mark’ He is using him to cultivate what Idoma sons and daughters would feed on for generations to come.
Americans began giving their all, ‘David Mark’ you have given us your all. Americans began laying their lives, ‘David Mark’ you have laid your life all because you understood patriotism. You have laid down your life even for a course that is not alive. You have endlessly committed yourself to give even to pockets with holes. You have given your country-tribe ‘IDOMA’ a dance-salute even though ‘IDOMA’ lacks country-music. You have given your all in service even if some of the results would speak after your life time. You are a patriotic Idoma man because you have served for the good of the people. You are a good citizen because you don’t serve for rewards.

Idoma dream is so tasking that it robs you of your pleasue, so mindful that it trims your appetite, so large that you stop your personal ambitions. It is a dream to seek beyond applause, to seek beyond trophies, and to seek beyond today. A dream to outgrow history; to dominate the moment and to initiate destiny. The Idoma dream is to conquer tradition, to set a new pattern and to create legacy.

The position of the Idoma ethnic nationality held sway not only in Benue State but in Nigeria until God brought you. “Idomas were praying to God for a good leader, Gog said, ‘let David Mark be’ and all was light”. I know you are a happy man because you are fighting the Idoma course. William Cowper said, “The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose”. You have lived for others to live. If the Idomas have seen further, it is because they stand on the shoulder of a great man like you ‘David Mark’.

You came to build bridges, you came to solve puzzles, and you came to conquer mountains. Some see work as a means to earn but you see work as a means to mend. Some said life is to be enjoyed but to your life is a skill to be employed. To some, life is a game to be played; to you, life is a mission to be accomplished. You are a giant; yet you work as if you are just starting. You have scored so much; yet you work as if you have lost so much. You are a victor that is not intoxicated by victories. You have become a hero; yet you work as if you are the least servant. By your exploit ‘Idoma’ has ceased to be an odour; Idoma has become a colour. Thanks for restoring Idoma dignity.

We have no excuse to fail as an ethnic nationality any more, we have al it takes to reign because you are reigning. Indeed, you came to heal history; you came to address the moment, the pain and agony. The whole world is not half the treasure endowed in you. You are not living life every day but you are giving life every day. You are not seeking applause every day but been a plus every day. The day you were born, many rejoiced in the world of the spirit because a new Idoma chapter opener was born. Peopecame from far away land to celebrate with your parents because; a new world changer was born. Your success is a national success. The work that you have done has a voice and is speaking for you.

I have followed your activities since you came on board. You must not relent in your good work; you must not be discouraged because the whole world is watching. People may not thank you well enough but your works are speaking for you. Keep it up and don’t play dice with it. You have not only set records and standard in the senate but you have become a standard and a reference point to all politicians in Nigeria. You have proven to the whole wide world that there are still politicians that are honest, God fearing, reliable and dedicated. When William Shakespeare chronicled the metamorphosis of great leaders, he must have thought of great politician like you. 

All your works are proves that you arenot chicken hearted or lily-livered. The world would be a better place if all politicians are like you the whole world would be a better place. You have served with your life, you have lived as a human-seed, you have planted the seed of service, and in you we know the true definition of sustainable development. Life is a record keeper and it is only those that contribute to life that their names are written in the book of life. Your contribution has entered your name into the book of life.

You are a genius; you have given genuine attention to the point of your genuineness ‘Idoma course’. To you, the power you had as a senate president was not a license to be free from work but to be free to work. You have chosen a way for us which are part of your dream to create the road for the Idomas to tread on. You have made wonders out of our blunders, we can’t thank you enough.

Politics is all about good representation and governance. Change is only necessary when a politician failed to deliver his mandate to his people as stated in his manifestoes. David Mark you are like God-sent so we are not tired of you yet. Through you the Idomas have known the real definition of ‘the right man’. Ever since you came on board, you have sailed through even when the going was tough that only few could withstand you fought the Idoma course. Idoma is a rich nation not because of natural resources but because it has people that have bravery and courage like you, people with the heart of humanity. This is the wealth of the people; this is the wealth of this ethnicity. We have to tirelessly fight to ensure that Idoma is stronger for unity and togetherness after the re-run elections.

David Mark we have remained in bondage until you came on board, your coming freed us from prison. We were like slaves without privileges, we were living like orphans without leaders, and we were like sheep without shepherds. You have saved us from so much. You starved yourself to work, you shortened your sleep to work, what more can we say? Our land is now blessed that a faraway blind could see. We need you to go back to the senate which your opponent must know.

The senate seats in Benue State ‘zone c’ belong to you that have dared to challenge giants unto contest. You have faced impossible task so the crown belongs to you. You are defined, you are designed and you are destined to be our leader at a time such as this. For your sake, if I am privilege to choose the tribe to belong in my next life, I chose Idoma over and over again.

We the Idomas have no gold or silver to give to you to recompense your good works neither do we have mars to build a mansion for you. We have no diamond to cast nor do we have emeralds to hang on your neck. All these are not worth the simple love you have for us. We are proud of you and all we ask of you is to still represent us.

We can only plead with you to still continue, we found a senator when we found you. Our searching for senators ended the day we found you. If there is any body worth going to the senate in February, it’s you ‘David Mark’ if there is any body the Idomas are boasting of, it’s you ‘David Mark. We cannot but let the whole wide world know that we still want you to be our senator in February.

The past seventeen years have been fulfilling and rewarding for my people the Idoma ethnic nationality. We have not any time regretted having David Mark as our senator. For now, the Idomas need someone that is experienced, hardworking and understand Nigerian politics. All we are thinking is to consolidate on the achievements of David Mark and that makes David Mark the most qualified. This is not to say that IDOMA has no sons and daughters that are qualified to represent us in the senate but we are only pleading that they give David Mark another chance.

 In the senate, experience is an asset. The more experience your senator acquires, the better for you. For us the Idomas, we have a long list of gains having David Mark as our senator and we will forever be grateful to God. In David Mark we have a vast senator that other senatorial zones are envying so we can’t afford not to vote for him in February. He has cultivated the future of development for us but he is not done yet. ‘David Mark’, you are our apple that the world admires, you are the light the world see through.

In conclusion, the Idoma dream is a stage, David Mark has played good enough, and he is our ‘Michael Jordan’. The Idoma dream is a secret, David Mark has revealed well enough, and he is our’Oprah Winfrey’. Idoma dream is thirsty, David Mark has spread drink enough, and he is our ‘Coca-Cola’. The Idoma dream is naked, David Mark has spread clothe enough; he is our ‘Ralph Lauren’. The Idoma dream requires hard work, David Mark has softened it enough, he is our ‘Microsoft’. The Idoma dream does not require foolishness, David Mark has spread wisdom enough, and he is our ‘David Oyedepo’. David Mark, you are indeed, known world over because your fruit is relevant world over.

Sule Ngbede Samuel (A YOUTH)
TEL: 08052592303
E-MAIL : donsamuel1@yahoo.co.uk

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