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(OPINION) My generation needs to sit up!

Written By Idoma Television on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 | 12:56:00 AM

By Andy Obeya

I am not opposed to youth involvement in partisan politics, neither am against any of them occupying public offices.
Prior to Dan Onjeh's quest to run for the seat of Benue South ( a move which aims at unseating a man that is feared by all politicians in the area - having made brassieres for them as promised), youths have remained thugs, hangers on and have continued to slander others just to benefit from the crumbs.

It's getting worrisome that youths with no relevant experience in politics and public life are getting ready to run for elective positions in future elections ( Local government and perhaps, 2019 general elections). How many of these young men can draft memos, minute on memos or even write a comprehensive report on events or meetings?

If we need to get it right, then we must begin from the bases ( Not necessarily as Executive heads). Benue is in a comatose state today because an inexperienced Suswam ran the state with only an LLB certificate with no work experience to support his political career and didn't bother to seek positive guidance - youthful exuberance.

The change we clamour for is a change from the 'business as usual', not a generational change & replacement of those who have been wacking with a younger breed to continue with the status quo. Not until we tell ourselves the truth, we may end up worse than our fathers!

 We must strive to be better than the generation before us, but the only way out is via tutelage under experience hands. Jumping into serious responsibilities with no prior training or experience is disastrous. Only Suswam is in a better position to tell his story today.
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