Dan Onjeh: A day with the Orphans By Eloyi Ogbe

I  have lived all my life with care and support from my parents, until that day in March, 2007 when I got a call from home that the old soldier had gone to rest with his maker. 
“Ada gekwu eh”(meaning Daddy is dead) would sound very simple to anyone else, but for me and my siblings, it was the end of an era and the dawn of an uncertain future.
 Daddy had shown us so much love. He lived doing his best for all humans, especially his immediate family.

Loosing a Dad or Mum or both could be really painful,  but living as an orphan is another story. After visiting the Mother Mary Children Home and the Patcare Foundation Orphanages both in Otukpo and listening to Mrs Mary Oganyi, the Matron of the Mother Mary Children Home speak on the Orphanage, I am certainly in agreement with the words of David Platt when he said ” we care for Orphans not because we are the rescuers, but because we are the rescued”.

From the story of how she left her thriving business in Kubwa, a satellite town in the FCT to the selling of her landed properties and to the construction of the main access road to the Orphanage which also serve as the only road to the fast growing Community right behind the Mansion of the former Senate President, to the revelation of having raised four orphans as graduate one would easily agree with David Platt assertion. 

It was during a visit to the Orphanage by Comrade Daniel Onjeh, the Candidate of the APC in the forthcoming coming Benue South Senatorial rerun. Comrade Daniel Onjeh was in the Orphanage to contribute his widows’ might and also see how he can continue to partner with Mrs Oganyi as she lives her life trying to put smiles on the faces of her Children in the Orphanage home.
 The visit also showed the an aspect in the life of Comrade Daniel Onjeh that is so hidden from the public. It was tears flow from his eyes as he listened. 
Comrade Daniel Onjeh couldn’t help himself after listening to the stories from Mrs Oganyi and in his brief response, he promised to be back in a short time. ” this is not for politics,  this period has only afforded us the privilege of visiting and seeing for ourselves. 
Whether we win or yes, we shall continue to visit this place and do our best. We have taken note of the plight of the Children here and as God blesses me I shall return here”.
 The Mother Mary Children Home has a total number of 75  Children and has challenge ranging from the size of the building to the fencing and to the movement of the Children to and fro their schools.



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