Enenche Comedian celebrates 10 years on stage

By Ameh Godwin
The National Comedy Adviser, Enenche Enenche is officially 10 years on stage.

Enenche earns his living clowning. For over a decade, he has remained one of Benue, nay, Nigeria’s first-class wits.

Slapstick or sitcom, any genre of comedy is right up his path. He is best of the best in an ‘overflowing world of comedians’; a Katt Williams and Lee Evans rolled into one. But unknown to many, this young lad from Okpokwu’s journey into comedy was another story to ponder over.

To mark his ten years on stage, the inspirational took to his Facebook to recall his rise from zero to hero.

This is the story of Enenche as told by himself.
Today, I am 10 Years on stage. February 10th, 2006 was a Friday I would never forget in my life. 

It was my matriculation day, and there was ‘Post Matric Nite’ organized by Sam Orokpo opposite 2nd gate of my state university… Dickson-Carson Enenche, Fatu Idoko-Enenche were also present that day at the post matric. 

I came to the event venue with anger, because I had rejected three previous admissions because they were not medicine and surgery. Here I was matriculating in B.Sc Chemistry after meeting Medicine requirements, in short my name actually came out on the first merit list, but in a swift development, few of us were told to go to chemistry. 

I wept that day of matric, I came to the matric nite with that pain of not matriculating as a medical student. The MC of the event was not up to his game and I was asked to collect the microphone. I did and that singular act changed me forever. 

After the event, fellowship Presidents queued to collect my number, they started inviting to fellowships to do comedy and in less than six months, my name was all over on campus.
These last 10 years, I have seen God’s faithfulness. I never planned it. 

After 21 months, in November 2007, in my dream I was given a mandate:
“I. To stir an undiluted National consciousness through comedy.
II. Register Green White Entertainment 

III. Do my comedy in Prisons and call it LAUGHTER OF HOPE. “
When I woke up, I knew I wasn’t going to be a conventional comedian. 

I have never organized a show, or my comedy event outside prisons. This is because I don’t have the leading of doing so.
10 years today, I have not printed posters for any conventional show of mine, but the next 10 years the show would start. 

The show would be more of Comedy Seminars, where guest speakers would be brought to speak and teach leadership.
I have this great passion to see young people activating and staying in their leadership domain. 

I love leadership, when my medicine adventure couldn’t stand, I diverted my readings to public speaking, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Myles Munroe, and host of others.
I spent 5 years battling to pass the Chemistry, but it was the incubating phase of my life. I read so many things, I read book relevant to my passion. 

Forgive me, if you think I am political, the truth is that I love leadership and you can’t take away politics from leadership.
I am wired to talk to corridors of power, I know who I am, and I know where I am heading to… YOU ACT, TALK AND THINK LIKE YOUR DESTINATION! 

Your destination, determines your preparation, I see the last years as a preparatory phase. It is time to launch out….see you in the next 10 years!



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