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Politics behind Young Alhaji endorsing Mark, the Minna connection

Written By Idoma Television on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 | 3:19:00 AM

By Enenche Enenche 

The news that Usman Abubakar (Young Alhaji) endorsed the re-election of PDP candidate, Senator David Mark, came to many with shocks.
The two were arch political rivals.
Young Alhaji is telling those who cared, that there is a political agreement that Senator Mark is going to hand over to him in 2019. But I want to analyze the politics behind the sudden political romance between Young Alhaji and Mark.

When former military dictator, Gen Sani Abacha died in June 1998, his CSO Major Al-Mustapha openly admitted that he called Minna, and the landlord of Hilltop Mansion suggested that Gen Abdusalami Abubakar should takeover power.
Gen Abdusalami is a fellow Niger man with stronger ties and loyalty to Hilltop mansion.
He saw this move as a good opportunity to come back from his "stepping aside" holidays to Aso Rock.

Two factors where going to work against him:
I. June 12 elections he annulled and his unpopularity in the South/West... which has the media nerve centre of Nigeria.
II. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who was deeply in control of Shehu Yar'dua's powerful political power bloc: PDM, which later metamorphosed into PDP.

So, he facilitated Obasanjo coming out of prison, to do one tenure (1999-2003), then Atiku would do (2003-2007)... Then he entered 2007.

It was not a coincidence that his PDP registration number is 007.
Now that his boy was in Aso Rock,  it was time to build structures outside Aso Rock for a smooth comeback.

The landlord of Hilltop Mansion flooded his boys everywhere during 1999 elections to make his come back easy.
Mark returned from exile and the reception he had, was overwhelming. Idomas welcomed him as a hero. NITEL and NIPOST in Otukpo were factors that made him very popular among his kinsmen.

Chief Steven Lawani, who was detecting the political shots in Idomaland with the backing of his first cousin: Maj. Gen. Chris Garuba who was active in Abacha's government while Mark was in exile, was pressured to step down for Mark in 1998.

While Mark was busy playing national politics, he created a vacuum back home, he encountered an unexpected resistance, Young Alhaji gave him stress to return in 2003.
It is no news that Young Alhaji has a blood link with the landlord of Minna, he was probably empowered to help keep Mark in check by Minna.

Obasanjo went against the earlier agreement of one term. He got second term, used the second term to fight Atiku, which was supposed to be Atiku's time.

Obasanjo went for 3rd term and Mark was at the center of the plan at the senate.
Minna Landlord wanted to contest in 2007, but OBJ's tenure elongation was a threat and a boy he brought from exile to become a Senator was at the center of the third term plot.

Third term agenda failed, Obasanjo two terms ended, but David Mark met the stiffest opposition back by young Alhaji. Mark won and became Senate President, but for supporting third term, Young Alhaji almost scuttled his dream in court. Now you see why Young Alhaji once told you that the battle between him and Mark has gone beyond him.
It was a pay back by Hilltop Mansion to a boy, who went off course to endorse 3rd term agenda.

The late Umar Musa Yar'dua came on board in 2007, the landlord of Minna stepped back, because he was a benefactor of the Yar'dua's dynasty.

In 2011, he contested "little"  GEJ stopped him.
When GEJ saw that the heat was much, he entered alliance with the IBBOYS. They should support him, and he would handover to them in 2019. This is what gave Mark the hope of becoming president in 2019.

Jona gave them some sensitive appointments, IB's ADC became Jona's NSA, another boy became minister of defence, a boy is holding senate already.

AIT which IBB deregulated NTA to give Ray, his boy licence, became pro-Jona overnight, after opposing Jona in 2011.

All IBBOYS vowed never to allow Buhari they once humiliated out of power in 1985 coup, come back to power.
With Jona conceding defeat, all IBBOYS are in for it. Dasuki and Ray are singing their bitter song now.
All "Minna structures" have been marked for demolition.
Mark is the only IB structure standing today, so all IB structures have been aligned to stand by him and Young Alhaji who has blood linkage with him, is not left out.
Young Alhaji endorsement of Mark, is more of Minna connection, to save "the last man standing".
February 20th in Benue South, would either be the end of an era, or the emergence of a new phase of an institutional empire.
Mark has a bright chance to inherit IB structure and nurture it for 2019, but he burnt many bridges back home... And that is what is counting against him.
Mark is seeing promise land, but charity which he never began at home, is blocking him... He is paying the price of taking his kinsmen for granted!
I end my analyses!
Enenche Enenche
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Anonymous said...

Thank you. He really took us for granted. I pray for his fall on Saturday so we can rest from his family.

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