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Mark Vs Onjeh: Follow our live updates, results and situation reports

Written By Idoma Television on Friday, February 19, 2016 | 10:09:00 AM

This is Idoma voice, reporting live from Benue south senatorial district.

Echono Street by Oweto Jn PU: APC 88 PDP 45
Ewulo Ikobi APC 41 PDP 112
Otukpo Wcrox APC 96 PDP 82
St Annes APC 51 PDP 61

O'chidoma Palace APC 148 PDP 123
Okpamaju PU, Okete Ward APC 52 PDP 88
Otukpo Town West,30 Jamaica Str APC 76 PDP 50
Adoka-Ehaje Ward, Aune 1 PU APC 38 PDP 135
Adoka Icho Ward, Opanehe II APC 52 PDP 70

Ukpa/Ainu Ette, Ihigile PU: APC 198 PDP 72
Oju Ward, Ohijile PU: APC 142 PDP 132
Oju Ward, Ivini PU APC 153 PDP 80
Okpokpo Ward, Ogum-Igwe PU: APC 131 PDP 53
Ukpa/Ainu Ette Ward, Onyoho PU: APC 108 PDP 90
Owo ward, Omua PU 1: APC 49 PDP 14
Okpokpo Ward, Ogum-igwe PU: APC 131 PDP 53
Oju-Okpokpo APC 52 PDP 41

Adiko Ward, Imade PU: APC 132 PDP 67
Akwutulo PU: APC 58 PDP 41
Ejule PU: APC 104 PDP 48
Itogo Ward, Ebong PU: APC 157 PDP 138
Obko Ward, Omapia PU: APC 224 PDP 70
Obi-Ijiwo APC 65 PDP 119

Aume-icho Ward, Ondo/ Olabe PU: APC 89 PDP 129
Olega PU: APC 87 PDP 60
Idekpa Ward, Olaigbechi PU: APC 88 PDP 45
Aume Icho Ward, Akwutulo PU: APC 58 PDP 41
Ejule PU APC 104 PDP 48
Ehige APC 184 PDP 120
Alelu-W1 APC 36 PDP 186
Idekpa Ward, Odele Prim Sch APC 69 PDP 114
Onyagede-Ehaje APC 184, PDP 120
Agadagba Ward, Akpenwo PU APC 61 PDP 88
Agadagbga APC 131, PDP 53

Otukpa Efekwo PU APC 189 PDP 24
Orokam Oko PU APC 105 PDP 53
Ogbadibo-W1 PU APC 57 PDP 24
Oono PU APC 100 PDP 85
Ejima PU APC 133 PDP 93
Owukpa, Ekere Prim Sch APC 30 PDP 98
Ipole Owukpa APC 78 PDP 47
Orokam, Ipole Ako APC 99 PDP 81
Ade-Igwu APC 118 PDP 15
Orokam, Court Oko APC 105 PDP 53
Ai-Odo, Ogene/Ijadoga/Ola-Itd 2 APC 111 PDP 51
Orokam, Ocheje Oko APC 191 PDP 17
Orokam, Ipole Oko APC 80 PDP 46

Iga Okpaya APC 70 PDP 120
Iga Adame APC 42 PDP 82
Edikwu 1, Ikampo PU II Olo'kwunu APC 27 PDP 139

Effah Ugbokolo PU (Ameh Ebute’s) APC 116 PDP 162
Akpari PU, Okpoga-North Ward APC 105 PDP 77
Ugbonoko PU, Aidogodo Okpoga APC 131 PDP 110

Igumale Ward 1 APC 201 PDP 761
Igumale ward 1, Ai-Ameh PU: APC 26 PDP 64

Ogbaulu Pry Sch, Ogbaulu Ward APC 31 PDP 75
Agatu LGA, Obagaji Ward, Obagaji Pry Sch 1 PU.
PDP 377

EDE PU, Okpoga-North, Okpokwu
IPOLE EDE , Okpoga-North Ward, Okpkowu

In Onyagede-Ehaje APC 184, PDP 120
Agadagba Ward, PU Open Space Akpenwo
PDP 88
APC 61

Ohimini LGA, Aume-icho Ward,

APC=131, PDP=53
Ohimini LGA, Idekpa Ward Olaigbechi PU
APC =57, PDP= 5
Ohimini LGA, Aume Iche Ward

Edikwu 1
Ikampo PU II Olochokwunu Play Ground
PDP 139
APC 27

Okpamaju PU, Okete Ward, Oturkpo LGA,
PDP 88

Court Oko polling, Orokam
APC 105
PDP 53
INVALID 18In ekere primary school,PDP,=98 APC30
ipole owukpa,APC=78,pdp=47

Unit Ogene/Ijadoga/Ola-Itodo PU in Ai-Oodo Ward 2 Ogbadibo LGA
APC = 111
PDP = 51
Invalid Votes = 3


Ocheje Oko


APC 191


Ipole Oko

PDP = 46

APC = 80

OKPOKWU Akpari PU, Okpoga-North Ward, Okpokwu LGA

ADO Igumale ward 1, Ai-Ameh PU: PDP: 64,APC : 26
Otukpo LGA, Otukpo Town West
No. 30 Jamaica Street PU
PDP 50
APC 76 

AGATU Ogbaulu pry Sch PU, Ogbaulu Ward, Agatu LGA
PDP 75
APC 31

Oju LGA, Owo ward, Omua Unit 1,
APC= 49, PDP= 14
Oju LGA, Okpokpo Ward, Ogum-igwe PU
APC=131, PDP=53
Oju LGA, Okpokpo Ward, Ogum-igwe PU
Ugbonoko polling unit results. APC 131: PDP 110 AIdogodo Okpoga

Echono By Oweto street junction : Otukpo, Benue State.
Otukpo LGA Adoka-Haje, PU Aune Play Ground 1 PDP 135 APC 38
Otukpo LGA, Adoka Icho
Opanehe II Open Space
APC 52
PDP 70

 Idekpa Ward
APC =57, PDP= 5  Olaigbechi PU APC 88 PDP 45.

12:45: Former Minister of Niger Delta affairs and a cieftain of the APC, Samuel Odeh has voted in his home town.

12: 30 Accreditation and voting going on smoothly and simultaneously too at Eru Polling unit, Ehaje ward 2.

12: 30: Tension seriously mounting at Olaiogbochai polling unit in Ai-Ono ward 1 as one Mr. Peter Ochigbo allegedly led a team of thugs to destabilize the smooth running election.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, senatorial candidate in today's rerun election in Benue South, Dan Onjeh has called on the electorate in the zone to avoid violence during and after the election.

Onjeh made this call on Saturday after casting his vote at his polling unit in Ogbadibo.

Speaking shortly after he cast his vote, the APC flag bearer advised the people to protect their votes and avoid violence.

His words, "We call on our supports to avoid any form of rancor during and after the election. By the grace of God, victory is ours."
9:45am At Iga Uroko polling unit in Itabono ward 1, no PDP agent on ground and the process is already ON with only APC agent.

9:30 At Olempe polling unit, Olaochagba ward of Ogbadibo LGA, accreditation going on smoothly. 
In Atakpa polling unit, accreditation has not yet started and the time is 12.10pm.
The Technical Unit from Obagaji-Agatu has made attempt twice to fix the card reader but to no avail.

11:00 Former Senate  President and the flagbearer of the Peoples Democratic Party has caste his Otukpo, Club polling unit in today's rerun. He expressed optimism that his people will return him back to the senate.

Accreditation commenced early in some polling units in Saturday’s senatorial rerun election in Benue South with voters turning out for the exercise. IV reports that the exercise started at Olempe polling unit, Olaochagba ward of Ogbadibo LGA smoothly.

Ogbadibo is the country home of APc candidate, Dan Onjeh.
At Ija Uloko polling unit in Itabono ward 1, Ogbadibo no PDP agent on ground and the process is already on with only APC agent.

As at 9am on Saturday, material were yet to arrive at Otukpo club, V I P BasketBall court, the polling unit of former senate president and the candidate of the PDP, David Mark.

At Igbanonmaje unit, accreditation is going on smoothly.
In Oju Local, report has it that the whole sensitive materials for Owo ward have been abandoned in Makurdi.

The Ogiri Oko polling unit in Otukpo is becoming very rowdy and gradually resulting to unrest due to the allegation that the INEC adhoc staff may have been compromised as they are seem taking orders from a particular party agent.
In Opialu unit, Okpokwu LG, election materials have not yet arrived and the people are waiting.

At Ojecho playing ground, in Apa LG, accreditation and voting going on smoothly and simultaneously too. Orderliness is maintained and the machines are working fine too.
At Odele polling unit in Idekpa ward, voting going on smoothly.

In Atakpa primary school , Ochigbudu ward of Agatu, accreditation and voting going on smoothly and simultaneously too.
The presence of the security operatives also helps to give credence to the exercise.
9:30 At Olempe polling unit, Olaochagba ward of Ogbadibo LGA, accreditation going on smoothly.  

The time is 6:30 am, Saturday February 20. reports from the 9 local government in Benue Zone C have it that everything is working fine. Electorates are still in high spirit to hit their various polling units.  
4:45pm Ahead of the February 20 rerun in Benue South, security operatives, Friday, combed Otukpo, the acclaimed headquarters of the senatorial zone, to forestall any outbreak of violence during the election.
The exercise became imperative following recent allegations and counter-allegations  by the two dominant parties in the race that some militants and cultists have been imported from the Niger Delta region to make the election volatile.
However, IDOMA VOICE correspondent reports that heavily armed security men have been patrolling the city to ensure that nothing of such takes place tomorrow (Saturday).

It was gathered that the security agents drawn from the army, police and civil defence have been drafted to the zone to maintain law and order, despite the election in which Dan Onjeh of the APC is challenging the former Senate President, David Mark of the PDP.

The security personnel said to have come in their thousands have been dispersed all over the senatorial district to make sure the election is held without rancor.

Also, findings by this reporter, who is presently in Otukpo, show that with less than 24 hours to the much-awaited rerun, commercial activities in the town have received a boost.

10:40pm: reports from across the 9 local governments that make up the zone show that there is tension everywhere, just as preparations are in top gears. Otukpo, the powerhouse is at the time of this report calm.

Security men could be seen patrolling the area to thwart an outbreak of violence. 

IDOMA VOICE promises to keep its readers abreast of developments from the senatorial district.

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