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Mark vs Onjeh: Should Comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi be arrested?

Written By Idoma Television on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 | 10:40:00 PM

By Immelda Jane Okwori

Calling for the arrest of someone when there is no evidence got me thinking. Is it FEAR of the UNKNOWN or FEAR of the kNOWN from the past? This guy worked and supported them in the past. How was he used? I am of the opinion that we should stop shifting blames or causing tension amongst the electorates.

 If you claim Ogenyi is plotting to take someone's life, the question is 'have the accused been used by the accusers against somebody in the past? Why the sudden call for his arrest? There is this idoma Adage I love so much. Owelipa ohe gej'ohe ah (it is only those who are members of witches and wizards that can identify one). If you are not planning the same, then there is no need of calling for the arrest of Ogenyi. 

The same Ogenyi supported you some years ago, he decided not to this time. Who knows? He might still be useful to you in the future when you aspire for a higher position. Should he be arrested? Then he shouldn't be the only one.

 It should be traced back to the years past when he also worked for other masters / accusers and those masters must also be implicated together. Maybe bush meat might end up catching the hunter. Who knows? It is just an Election. Not a war zone. So we should stop all this allegations already. 

If you attempt to arrest Ogenyi, then am only forced to believe that the heat is really getting on you or that it is an attempt to weaken the other side Just like what happened in ekiti gate. We all listened to how certain people were meant to be arrested or placed on death roll just for someone to win an election. 

Except the accusers used Ogenyi (the accused) to carry out certain unlawful acts while he was with them, I don't see any reason why they should be saying such now. I remember how his video was released in January showing how he worked with them in the past. An attempt to blackmail him? Little did they know that after watching that video, a lot of people were pushed to see reasons why they can as well change their minds just like Ogenyi did.

 I fell in love with the personality of Comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi after watching the video. He does believe in change like myself. That you ate garri yesterday evening doesn't mean you should eat garri every evening. You can decide to eat rice and stew or yam etc the next evening if you feel you had some ache or constipation from eating garri the previous night or u feel like trying something new. 

When you begin to hit on someone to the extreme, you end up drawing love, attention, sympathy, God's grace/mercy towards that person, from video blackmail, to all sorts of story to assassination accusation brought the curiosity in me to wish in meeting with comrade Ogenyi after and beyond this particular election. Don't forget, there are so many okpokwu Ogenyi like minds out there who are watching the drama with keen interest. Any attempt to arrest okopkwu Ogenyi will only push so many like minds to become more out spoken than expected. Stop the accusation, blackmailing etc.

 It is time to face reality as Zone c decides.
I urge everyone at this point to simply concentrate on the main subject on ground. Win or loose they are both idoma. Wishing my people a peaceful election.

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okopi said...

A well thought out post Imelda..##onjeh 2016

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