Obama backs Mark, Ronaldo says vote for Onjeh and other trending social media jokes on Benue South rerun (PHOTOS)

By Ekre Chsritain

Ahead of the February 20 rerun election in Benue South senatorial district, supporters of the two main challengers, David Mark of the Peoples Democratic Party and Daniel Onjeh of the All Progressives Congress, are generating buzz on the cyberspace with some witty stuffs.

From the United President, Barrack Obama and his wife, Mitchel calling on electorates to vote for David Mark to football star, Christiano Ronaldo asking his fans to vote for Daniel Onjeh and what have you.

Keeping pace with what the supporters of both candidates are churning out on the social media — Twitter, Facebook, chat groups, Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger, Instagram and all that is a big task.

 One of the most enduring images is that of US President Barack Obama, with a big smile, holding a placard supposedly saying: “Vote for continuity, vote David Mark. It carries the PDP umbrella.

Similarly, Obama’s wife, Mitchell also displayed another placards, calling Onjeh a baby politician.

Interestingly, football, Real Madrid star, C. Ronaldo was also spotted holding a banner in another photo with caption which calls on his fans in Benue South to support the APC candidate, Onjeh.

In another controversial picture, President Buhari was seen holding high a certificate which purportedly bears an inscription that says, ‘I will handover to Mark in 2019.

IDOMAVOICE.COM carefully bring you the assemblage of the funny pictures.



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