(OPINION) Apa State creation an opium of illusion: What is next?

By Morgan Adikwu
“Religion is the opium of the people”….. Karl Mark
Karl Marx, a great polemics, a dilectician and a materialist, who had a deep Christianity background. In the course of his human and societal studies, he observed how religion was used to manipulate the masses, and make them to be servitude. 

Marx opined that, instead of the people to be conscious of the happenings around them, they are subconscious and swayed with what they are meant to believed in.

The test of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised. Thus, the worst quality of a politician is the lack of “Integrity”, especially not keeping to promises. Over the years, the Benue South has been wired to the delusion of Apa State creation as the only panacea of sustaining the Labour of our heroes past.

However, the Utopia of the Apa State had been used by the ousted senatorial representative, to abuse the sensibility of the people of the zone. The improvement of the living conditions and the

development of the zone was craftily woven to the creation of the supposed Apa state. This no doubt was an effective and efficient opium of docility used to sustain Mark for over 16 years in the

More worrisome is the effects of the voodooism of the opium on the people, that they failed to demand for accountability or stewardship over the past years, out of which the zone presented a Senate President for eight years. The questions for this golden years has been, what has happened to our roads, how many investors has been wooed to the zone?

 Has the infrastructural amenities built in the 1960’s improved upon or are allowed to be dilapidated? Is that the said “Markianic” era recorded success in creating a few elites class, who will be injecting us with the opium of Apa state?

My grouse with the candidature of David Mark is that, instead of returning to the people filled with remorse of his failure like the biblical prodigal son, he is so arrogant, putting defense like the Adam. If the truth must be told, Apa state has never being his priority but his selfish personal ego has thus propelled him to established an ephemeral political kingdom.

Since the anti opium vaccine for the Apa state has been uncovered, the divide and rule tactics of sowing the seeds of discord or fanning the ember of ethnicity, should be adopted to return David Mark to the Senate till 2019, then what happened next?

These gullible conservative vanguards for sustainability of failure has swiftly directed their focus to the “information disadvantaged people”of the zone, living at the rural areas, those who suffers most from the failures of David Mark’s 16 years in the Senate, with the myth of Akume CumTiv enmity.

Deriving from the above, having tested the capacity and capability of David Mark, in respect to his representation of the zone at the Senate, I am of the view that Mark has done is “best” for himself
and the entire Benue South cannot afford even a single day of her interest being personalized.

The case of David Mark is the height of irresponsibility. Even why the Apa state creation is not feasible at the moment, Mark would have strive to make the zone viable in terms of infrastructure and
economic development, to make her look worthy of a statehood.
Rather, after over 16 years, Benue South has grown more obsolete in comparison to her hitherto contemporaries due to the failure of

Since the Apa state creation is an opium of illusion, what is the next demagogue that will be deployed by David Mark and his cohorts, against the well informed and sensitized people of Benue
South ? These are people with an unprecedented tenacity of purpose, single minded in the Daniel Onjeh’s candidacy, also poses ruthless courage to neutralize the venom of David Mark’s political bigotry at the forthcoming re-run election.

David Mark will be overwhelmingly be rejected because he compromised with the interest of the
people of Benue South for his selfish aggrandizement.



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