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(OPINION) Benue South needs a philosopher senator

Written By Idoma Television on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 | 1:02:00 AM

By Morgan Adikwu

"Until Philosophers become kings in this world, there will be no real happiness either to society or individual"..... Plato 

The extension in date, of the Benue South senatorial re-run election, has given an ample opportunity to the people of the Zone, to comprehensively assess and evaluate the crux and thrust of the political issues underpinning the Zone.

  The projection takes into cognizance the historical, contemporary and futuristic factors, that is in line with the development, challenges and the way forward for the Zone. Fundamentally, the central purpose of the spectrum of the entire gamut is to select and subsequently elect the best senatorial representative.
Benue South, like every other society is made up of people that fall within the classes of Plato's categorization. This stratification depends on the location of the "sense of Reasoning'. And this defines the role of the individual in the society or to the community.

According to Plato, those whose reasoning is located at the chest, are bold and courageous, form the soildier arms of the society and they defend the community. Also, those whose reasoning is located at the stomach constitute the business class and they coordinate the economic activities. While those that their reasoning is located at the brain and in the mind, should be the ruler and the representative of the people. This is so because, this set of people have the grasp of good ideas and are best qualified to administer justice and act for the good of the society.

For nearly two decades, Benue South has been represented with someone, whose reasoning is located first at the chest. But with closer observations, it reveals primitivism in accumulation of the commonwealth of the people and utterly disregards to the welfare of the people. This makes the Zone to have a man with his reasoning at the chest and stomach.

Since, we are not at war, the expertise of the ousted occupant as a soldier is neither useful nor a priority. Worst, is the method of his aggrandizement, that has raped the zone of any meaningful growth and development. This has made "glory" to depart from the Zone, and has portrays the zone a shadow of herself and an object of mockery before her contemporaries.

It is in line with the above, that a philosopher Senator is a sine qua non to the plethora of challenges that has been foisted on the people of Benue South, as a result of the failure of the ousted occupant. The fortunate thing for the people of Benue South is that, in midst of this mood of hopeless gloom that broads over the entire zone, we find a young dynamic man, who shows his disdain to the decay. A man who is familiar to our challenges and his is courageous to lead us through.

This is no other person but comrade Daniel Onjeh. A vibrant and brilliant agitator, a polemicist, a profound political economist, a great vanguard of change and an incomparable activist. He is an emblematic symbolism of humanity with the burning commitment and desired dedication to serve his people.

Daniel Onjeh is a young man who believes, he owes his generation and those yet unborn a pious duty to secretly adhere to those principles of our founding fathers. A young man who vows not only to sustain the legacies of our heroes past but he also promise to achieve its improvement and development.

Daniel Onjeh has a well planned philosophical thought that will usher in the much desired change in Benue South, that is anchored on;
- Effective and far reaching legislation
- Rapid industrialization
- Educational development
- Agricultural advancement
- Health care delivery
- Youth development

No doubt, Onjeh's philosophical thought has the capacity to entrench good governance, politics of development, abolition of poverty, social justice, equity, rights to self determination of all ethnic nationalities, access to qualitative education, Medicare, agricultural/infrastructural development in the zone. This is going to be a paradigm shift from the quagmire of almost two decades of non representation.

Daniel Onjeh is known for his calm disposition, articulative nature with sound mind, truthfulness, discipline, forthrightness, honesty, courage and undoubted public spiritedness. These are virtues of a philosopher representative.

There is a universal conviction that the philosopher has the knowledge, intellect and training and not the "age" to govern and also offers a qualitative representation. So therefore, a philosopher senator is the only key that will liberate the Benue South.
Comrade Daniel Onjeh is an embodiment and emblematic symbolism of a Philosopher Senator. This is a man that is widely accepted and non before him had enjoy such acceptability and popularity

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