Innoson Umu goes for N2.1m

(SPONSORED) Innoson Umu goes for N2.5m

Enjoy a great driving experience with the Innoson Umu. The car comes with user friendly features, such as a 3D view dashboard and a DVD display screen which were made to brighten up your everyday life.

Sporty and masculine nature is the ideal companion for your every adventure. Its spacious interior gives the comfort your family needs before and after your outdoor activities. Its aerodynamic curves match the flow of the road, allowing you to feel the delight of a powerful and reliable car.

Fuel Economy: IVM UMU has a great percentage rate of fuel economizing. It boast of the Automatic Stop and Go Technology which implies that when the vehicle is at a red light or in a traffic jam, the idle state of the engine is cancelled promptly. Instead, the engine is stopped, which reduces fuel consumption and emission levels. The average fuel saving is 10%-15%.

Engine Performance: the car engine has the capacity to achieve high power output, low fuel consumption, and low exhaust emissions. It also reduces pumping losses by adjusting the intake air volume by variating intake valve lift stroke as well as throttle valves, improving fuel efficiency.

Elegant bodywork: The car is equipped with a world-class, lightweight sports chassis and lightweight body design. As the vehicle is significantly lighter than others of the same class.

A balance of economy and power: The efficient engine has dual-peak torque, making it a 21st century engine with a balance of economy and power. It provides the highest level of economic performance whilst giving the ultimate driving experience.


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