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Leave me out of your strange bedfellows' romance with David Mark - Onjeh bombs Young Alhaji

Written By Idoma Television on Thursday, March 10, 2016 | 3:12:00 AM


Our attention has been drawn to a full page advert : CONGRATULATION/APPRECIATION, by one Alhaji Usman Abubakar Dan Maishanu (Y0UNG ALHAJI) in the DAILY TRUST of Monday 7th March, 2016 (page 17), and in various social media, congratulating David Mark on his purported victory at the Benue South senatorial re-run election of February 20, 2016. 

While we appreciate his right to congratulate a man he had been demonizing for several years, a practice not uncommon with political prostitutes, unprincipled characters and charlatans of all shades, the so-called YOUNG ALHAJI launched an  unprovoked, malevolent, totally bizarre attack on Comrade Daniel Donald Onjeh, his kinsman from the same Orokam Ward II, who is the first person to force David Mark into a rerun in 16 years.
Normally, we do not dignify people like the so called YOUNG ALHAJI with a response, but to put things in their proper perspective for posterity, and so that people will know who this character is.

First and foremost, the so-called YOUNG ALHAJI, also known as Alhaji Usman Abubakar Dan Maishanu is a shady character originally known as John Agene and John Bras. It is therefore not surprising that he could switch from an implacable foe to a staunch supporter in the twinkle of an eye because of his Chameleonic nature. His narrative in this advert can be likened to the stunts of a desperate magician who will hug a crocodile and kiss a snake just to attract an audience.

John Agene/Usman Abubakar/Young Alhaji claims Onjeh has not done anything in Orokam, his local government (Ogbadibo) and Benue South senatorial district to have merited attention. This proves beyond doubt that this confused man with a split identity wants to ride on the coattail of David Mark to re-launch himself into political prominence. 

He is seeking cheap popularity with his toxic sycophantic advert. He and Onjeh are from the same Orokam Ward II.  Onjeh defeated him at Orokam Ward II and Ogbadibo local government, in spite of the humongous sum the Young Alhaji spent, including buying Voter's Cards and inducing our agents. He could not deliver his Ward or his local government, how then did he help David Mark achieve victory?
While Onjeh has always taken him as a brother from the same place, in fact staked his neck , as the president  of  West Africa Students' Union (WASU),  to support him in his earlier contest against Mark;

 the " YOUNG ALHAJI" has always had the belief, probably based on low self-esteem and irredeemable inferiority complex, that Onjeh's political progress is his own political retrogression and vice versa. John Agene/John Bras/ YOUNG ALHAJI is singing the praises of Mark today, not because he believes in Mark, but Mark is the only person he can clutch on to for now to prevent early political death. Anything that is a setback to Onjeh is therefore much appreciated by this diminished individual.

While it is good to be a philanthropist, we must never lose sight of the source of money being used for charity because of its moral and spiritual implication on the society, as those without known sources of income will influence impressionable people negatively. As such, Onjeh solely relied on his integrity and pedigree to run the election, and would not turn a swindler or 419er overnight because he wants to win the support of his people. Rather, Onjeh through his well known and well documented antecedents of genuine advocacy for the less privileged and the downtrodden, was completely accepted by the people, who eagerly keyed into his vision for the rapid transformation of Benue South, in spite of his financial status. 

Little wonder, Onjeh stood against David Mark who has been in the corridors of power for the past 40 years - as Chairman of Abandoned Properties' Committee, Military Governor of Niger State, Federal Minister information and Telecommunication, 16 years and counting  as a Senator, 8 of them as Senate President, in which he was regarded as "de facto" President in the last four years in that position - and gave him a run for his money, and  the greatest fight of his political life.

 The "political neophyte" or "toddler" without the requisite financial war chest, and in the face of  clearly compromised security agencies, the electoral umpire and some corrupt chieftains of his own party,  polled over 71,000 genuine votes against the 84,000 votes allocated to his opponent, resulting to the  purported margin of "victory" of 12,500 votes;  the  facts surrounding this is a topic for another day.

When Onjeh made his  first attempt to contest for the senate under the ACN in 2011, " YOUNG ALHAJI" was one of the strongest voices urging him to step down for General Lawrence Onoja. He had to be physically restrained from attacking Onjeh when the latter refused to yield to the overtures of Senator George Akume and Chief Audu Ogbeh to step down immediately for the General. Can " YOUNG ALHAJI" earnestly claim that when Onjeh started nursing the ambition for the senate from then, that it was the Tiv people who were sponsoring him? 

Was it not the same duo of Akume and Ogbeh who persuaded Onjeh to step down for the General? How illogical and  irrational can one get in order to remain politically relevant? " YOUNG ALHAJI " is hiding under Mark's political gambit of "Tiv versus Idoma" to settle his grouse with Tiv friends who denounced him for his flippancy.  

" YOUNG ALHAJI " and his likes should be grateful to Onjeh for running a principled, issues - based campaign against David Mark, and giving him the strongest challenge in his political career. They should be grateful to Onjeh for bringing them out of political relegation, from where Mark was compelled to  exhume and revive them economically.

 Thank God, that, the man who suffered bankruptcy and went into hiding before Onjeh's victory from the Court of Appeal,  can today save something out of his "exploitation" of David Mark to donate to people.

For someone who has demonized Mark for over a decade, no condition can account for his sudden, inexplicable volte face except as proof, beyond reasonable doubt, that he has always been selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed. The Senate is not the birthright of anybody. " YOUNG ALHAJI " should leave Onjeh out of his 2019 senatorial ambition.

While we acknowledge the right of John Agene/John Bras/Alhaji Usman Abubakar Dan Maishanu/ YOUNG ALHAJI to aspire to the senate in 2019, we urge him to keep Onjeh out of it and concentrate on slugging it out  with the 8 other people Mark has promised to relinquish the seat to. 

Daniel Onjeh is too refined, too educated, and too focused to be distracted by  YOUNG ALHAJI's shenanigans and mudslinging. John Agene  is covered with mud from head to toe!!! The so-called  YOUNG ALHAJI is not, and cannot be, on the same moral pedestal as Comrade Daniel Donald Onjeh. It is very unfortunate that our gullible society prefers  to celebrate wealth regardless of the source, against noble men and women, otherwise " YOUNG ALHAJI " should never have had a stint in Benue South politics.

The so-called YOUNG ALHAJI may enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. We however expected him to have used monetary gains from this election to quietly rehabilitate himself and complete the over 4-years abandoned project of his House - turned- Hotel!
We wish " YOUNG ALHAJI " the best  in his new political romance !!!

Comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi
Director Media and Publicity,
Onjeh Campaign Organisation.

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