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Elegy to John Father John Adeyi by Joseph Oguche

Written By Idoma Television on Thursday, June 23, 2016 | 12:47:00 AM

Tender were the ears and the eyes ushering in the pristine knowledge of you Captured by the soothing voice of a General - Yes!

Agabaidu's own very General, And the mien of your nobility, from the rhythm of Inyilowo - pet of your Priesthood On the solemn eve of Ojochogwu's first mass, when the drums echoed out loud, John Adeyi - Owoicho's own General.

Then I sought to know thee, as answers so distinct quelled my inquisitiveness And mother told us that you - John Alex Adeyi - were, Oh No, are a cousin. And sooner than later, a friend and a brother; for you loved and cared, gave and protected From the Pilgrims' grounds of Ugbokolo to the rising pinnacles of St. Anthony's that hails, John Adeyi - Owoicho's own General!

An erudite Viator with an audacity of hope, a gem of simplicity with the swiftness of faith Epitome of God's lowly with a mindedness of heavenly riches - Owoicho's own general. Sundry minds and lofty thoughts, engraved with inspirations from your rhapsodies And yes! haters and lovers alike now stand in awe and salute your greatness for you endured, John Adeyi - Owoicho's own General.

Hearts chattered and jaws dropped, but Men hoped and Women prayed for your safe return And now the sun sets as darkness covers, deep darkness the heart of mourning souls. But now you have returned safely, Yes! Our prayers answered, to the bosom of Abraham Where the saints call out to thee and welcome thee to the eternal feast of heaven, John Adeyi - Owoicho's own General.

I will not honor the thesis of conspiracies; 'Et tu Brutus?' and of 'silence of ruby red caps' - Of a church you well served, the motionless lips from a guilt so crimson red And the failure of your country home's state to empty its' arsenal and love to your rescue Because you, my friend, were a Gallant Homme - Gallants deserve better!

So I sing praise of thee, John Adeyi - Owoicho's own General. Rest on John Adeyi - Owoicho's own General - from the hades of earth's hate, wicked and sin Unto the glories of paradise for your life was never taken, you gave it up like a general - Owoicho's own general - who fought and won a band of captors, for I know you fought hard And prayed and hoped and waited patiently for the morning star which never fades, John Adey - Owoicho's own General.

Joseph Edebo Oguche USA June 23rd, 2016.
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