Rev Father Adeyi: The Church and the state government

By Idoko Helen

 I really do not know much about Rev. Father Adeyi, but got to know about him from the day he was kidnapped by those useless, foolish, cursed and blood sucking demons. 

From what I gathered, father Adeyi until his death in the hands of his cursed kidnappers was a good man whom many looked up to for support and his prayers.

After father Adeyi’s kidnap, the sum of two million was paid as ransom yet he was still killed by those efulefus.
The question I am asking again is why did the Catholic Church keep mute on the kidnap of one of their own and why did the state government especially the governor played around his kidnap till we got this sad news of his demise? 

Whom did Rev. Father Adeyi offend? Could it be political or did he step on the toe of one of the Catholic priest?
I expected the church to do something, a public hearing or a peaceful road work for the world to know what was going on but no, Otukpo dioceses down to Abuja dioceses kept mute. Who did father Adeyi offend amongst you? 

Things like this make me ask if Benue state have a state governor or a district head. If only Ortom had taken proper security measures other than offering five million to who will give him information about father Adeyi, it would have made more sense.
To those who collected money to kidnap him in the first place, you just placed a massive curse on yourself .

For those who killed him even after collecting the ransom, your hands are stained with the blood of God’s very own and I am sorry for you.
For those who paid and sent this people to kidnap and kill Rev. Father Adeyi, you are so gone as you bought an everlasting curse with your own act of personal wrong deeds. 

The Idoma journalists did their best by giving us informations they could lay there hands on concerning father Adeyi and I say thank you to all our journalist and media houses.
I’m also saying thank you to Adoka Adaji,who motivated us through prayers and fasting even to the last hour before we got the sad news of father Adeyi’s death. I say thank you sir and may God bless you.

Ahhhhhhh! Ikwulono’ du ho’?Rest in peace Reverend father Adeyi.

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