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Tribute to Rev Fr Adeyi by Alache Ode

Written By Idoma Television on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 | 11:25:00 AM

The decomposing body of Rev. Father Adeyi has been found in Otukpa, Benue State. He was kidnapped over 6 weeks ago with his kidnappers demanding a ransom.

Poverty has its excuses but greed is a sin. Social analysts might make a connection between poverty and crime but what is happening in My country of heritage defies all logic.

The mostly poor in Nigeria are acceptant of their lot and believe its the will of God ( though I'm not a supporter of this view, which is completely tolerant of and an excuse for mis-governance)
My point here is the poor in my country have not yet embraced the sophistication of modern criminality which means only the opportune are responsible for such hideous and callous acts against humanity.

The MURDER, yes, MURDER of a gentle and young Priest, who in his early years decided to shun the vices of the world and seek the face of God is nothing but a reflection of the psychopathic and narcissistic nature of the greedy in our society.

People stealing trillions of dollars, people murdering in the name of religion, people kidnapping to acquire status money, people infringing on human rights by perpetuating human wrongs, people misusing and abusing power, rich men engaging young university girls in their acts of debauchery, human sacrifice a get rich excuse, peadophilic rings springing up around the country, political corruption in high places, social vices rife in the society of the religious,what more remains but for decadence to be mainstreamed as a lifestyle.

Yet our bunkum legislators and governors sit at our expense to debate salary and allowance increases, pension for life, new official jeeps and imprisonment for something as personal as being gay as if these are the true challenges in our society.

Rev. Fr Adeyi made a choice early in life not to be a part of this decadence. He pursued his kingdom in heaven and not on earth, he excelled where others failed and died for his humility and opposition to sin. I see my good God embracing him and saying "son it is time to leave a sinful world in Nigeria to be exalted in my kingdom". I sincerely believe he is with God.

To our executive, legislative and judicial arms of government at all levels, and to those so called rich and powerful in our society, men and women may be weak, we may not act but you have no hiding place from God.
Rev. Fr Adeyi, the wicked have done their worst. They have won the battle but have lost the war. Rest in perfect peace
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