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Benue South: I owe no one any apology for contesting against David Mark – Onjeh

Against the clear provisions of the law, the Election Petition Appeal Tribunal, Makurdi, finally dismissed my petition on technicality. Having fought long and hard to this point, I submit myself to the will of God.

Indeed, by the laws of our land, the decision of the Appeal Tribunal, unfortunate as it may appear, marked the end of a selfless quest to liberate our people of Benue South. 
This renewed quest, which commenced since October 2014 has taken almost two full years to reach an inconsolable anticlimax. Yet, we remain undaunted in assurances that the abiding grace of the Almighty God will manifest itself in the Benue South district. The situations, which continue to fuel our aspiration for quality representation for Benue South People, have not changed. Our senatorial zone is a reference point for underdevelopment, poverty, deprivation and lately violent instability leading to humanitarian dislocations. 
Regardless of the outcome of the courtruling, I am sure that even my opponent’s conscience will continue tickle him knowing that he has snatched a mandate that was not freely given to him.

I wish to thank all those who have supported me and kept faith with the struggle thus far. My heart-felt appreciation goes to my party, the APC, for availing me the opportunity to contest on its platform. The party’s apparatchik, at various levels – local, State and national –, stood strongly by me during the entire period of my quest to reclaim a mandate that was wantonly deprived.

Igede Ihioo! …To the whole of Benue South, thank you for standing by me in the struggle for our emancipation; together we made a major statement – everyone can dare to dream and aspire to a greater future, full of hope and enduring landmarks. Freedom has always been about daring to dream, and to win.
 It might seem that the electoral contest in Benue South has been lost, however, I like to assure you that we have inched closer to our freedom than can ever be imagined. Your unwavering supports and encouragement have been overwhelming and will be the fillip for trudging forward.

Our motive for joining the race for the seat of the Benue South Senatorial District, has never been for a show of bravado or a test of manliness, but rather, a passion, driven by a burning desire to redirect our socio-political and economic fortunes as people, through quality representation. We stand resiliently committed to our convictions. 
We will continue to apply our positions to critique the representations for Benue South, just as we shall call to question all those who may attempt to take our people for any unsavory ride.

We are well aware that in the exercise of our Constitutional rights of choice on the electoral divides, our bond of brotherhood and community may have been strained, I urge all our people, both at home and abroad, to hobnob with one another, in the overall interest of the Benue South and our children and young people. By extension, in the hope for a greater Benue, I urge all Benue indigenes to eschew all activities that can undermine the development of our state.

On our part, we shall ceaselessly champion better welfare for our people. We remain unapologetically committed to Benue South, Benue State and Nigeria!

I love you all!

Thank you!

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