David Mark replies Josephine Akioyamen for asking thunder to fire his ‘defenders’

By James Oche

Josephine Akioyamen’s piece on where is Senator David Mark on Agatu is laughable. I’m not sure that she has been following the developments in Agatu since the unfortunate massacre. Otherwise I’m tempted to describe her views as infantile, dishonest and outright mischief.
For the avoidance of doubt, Senator Mark against all odds has visited all the villages including Aila, Okokolo, Odugbeho, Abugbe, Olochologba, Egba, Olocholonya, Ugboju, Alokpa, Adagbo, Akwu, Enogaje, Enugba, Ichogolugwu, Egwuma, Ogbangede, Usha, Oweto, Ogwule Ankpa, Okpagabi, Okpanchenyi, Obagaji, amongst others, in the wake of the massacre at a time it was considered a security risk to do so. Besides, he was the first known public officer or eminent person who donated relief materials and food stuffs worth millions of naira to the victims of Agatu massacre.

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Besides the fact that he has made his contributions on way out of the incessant Fulani herdsmen/Farmers crisis to joint Senate Committee probing farmers/herdsmen conflicts across the country, Senator Mark has personally visited President Muhammad Buhari where he succinctly presented Agatu matter. Both leaders are working out a blue print to end the crisis.

To the less knowledgeable, a motion on the floor of the parliament is a necessary tool to attract the attention of authorities to issues. But as important as it may be, motions are merely advisory. It does not have any force of law. It is not mandatory that authorities should comply with it.

Josephine and her likes must know this and it is verifiable, to wit; that no senator in Nigeria today dead or alive has the enviable record of achievement like Senator Mark in terms of quality representations, legislation and oversight functions.

On a personal level, he has an unwavering commitment to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Agatu. He has deployed his contacts and legislative dexterity to ensure that authorities rise up to the challenge to save Agatu. More so, to have a permanent solution to the unabating Farmers/ herdsmen clashes.

The issue of Agatu is very dear to Senator Mark and he honestly frown at any attempt at reducing the sordid matter to bear parlor gossip as Josephine is attempting to portray. If her attempt is to cast aspersions on Senator Mark, she will need to work extra hard because it will be a complete exercise in futility.

At risk of not joining issues with Josephine, I dare ask; has she taken the pain to find out why it took the State Governor, Mr. Ortom and his Deputy, Mr. Abounu the intervention of United Nations High Commission For Refugees (UNHR)for them to visit Agatu. Did Josephine ask the Benue State Chief Security Officer or his lieutenant (an Idoma man) how and when to salvage Agatu?

On the other thought, why did our Sister not see anything wrong in the statement credited to the State Governor when he appeared on national TV stations to discredit the efforts put in place by well meaning Benue people including the Idoma leaders and groups like one Idoma Initiative, Homeland Defence Volunteers Front, MAFO and others; by saying Benue Farmers were the cause of the killings by Fulani Herdsmen in Benue State?

I do not know Josephine’s kind of Journalism. But basic facts dictates that facts are sacrosanct in this business. You don’t need to put your nuances if you must inform and educate properly.

I just hope that Josephine would be honest enough to see things from the proper perspective and not resting on old prejudices . Journalism is a noble profession. It is not a platform for blackmail and treachery please.

Just one more question for Mrs. Josephine our dear Blogger and Activist, what have you done on a personal effort apart from Facebooking, to make peace return to Agatu? You have been in Nigeria for the past three months but have you attempted to reach even Apa local government not to talk of Oshigbudu or the warring zone?

Comrade James Oche,
Door2Door for Mark Unlimited.

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