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Idoma people kidnapped, killed Rev Father John Adeyi - Father Ambrose Ejeh

Written By Idoma Television on Thursday, July 14, 2016 | 12:56:00 PM

Respected catholic priest, Rev Father Ambrose Eje  has explained why God did not rescue the late Rev Father John Adeyi when he was kidnapped few months ago.

Ejeh, who said God felt the time was up for the reverend gentleman to go and rest, however, fingered the Idoma community for the abduction and eventual murder of Adeyi.

He said those behind the act are from the Idoma community and not south south as many would believe.

He made this remark on Thursday in Otukpo during a special mass in honour of the late Adeyi.
He officiated the mass while Rev Father Sylvester Omoke interpreted in Idoma.

He said, “There is no Christianity without the cross. We are gathered and praying that God should entertain Rev Father John Adeyi in His bosom.

A woman asked why did God not rescue Father John Adeyi?
He replied thus, “sometimes you think that protest have all the answers we need. Priests are also asking same questions. Even though Priest have certain privileges as a result of their training but they are also asking a similar questions.

“You read funeral columns, you read people writing that we love you but God loves you more than us. O daddy, rest in peace this is the will of GOD. WHEN you read all these, you think that God is going about causing death. It is not the will of God that anyone should die. Wisdom 1 states that God does is not happy in the death of any of His children. However we reason in our flesh asking that why did God not stop death from happening and allow us to be free.

“Think of Jesus, He had the did to stop the death of Jesus even though He could. It doesn't mean he wanted it to happen, but because are he's God He wanted to show that death is not final.

“God knew that Good Friday Jesus will die he still allowed it because on the third day, there was going to be a more glorious fate awaiting His son Jesus. The cause we are baptised into the same life as Jesus, that is why we are not afraid of death. God knows that through death, we will partake in eternal life to share IN his glory.

“Life on the earth is only a photocopy. The real life is with God. God is life itself in spite of how much life we have on earth. Our existence is only a participation of the real life of God WHICH God wants us to share with Him in its fullness. Only death is the way to that life.

“If you are in the village and you take a Lantern and you walk slowly but if suddenly a brighter light comes, it is for is to walk faster towards God.

“Paul said that the God we know we don't know him deeply, but we will soon see God in his fullness.

The first reading recounts of Israelite when they were suffering so they can have peace.

In the past and conditions reading, it recounts what Isaiah saw how the thin shadow will be lifted, the veil.

The confusion in our lives will be dispelled when the vein in our lives which urge us to ask all questions is taken away, we will see God in his fullness.

The reading FROM Isaiah is a string word which will give us faith to trust IN God.
Do you believe that those of us in the Church today that Father John is alive and is living a better life than us today. I have a few questions as I close. When this kidnapping, happened, some probably thought that it came from the south South but with the turn of events, Idoma people cannot be exonerated.

How did the Idoma people get into this kind of atrocity?
Idoma people are backward is backward in every thing humanly speaking in all of Nigeria, even the little good name we have is being lost

Where are our leaders where are out leaders who are suppose to take care of us
Are we saying that a Idoma nation is too big and cannot be policed that criminals will over power us.”

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