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(Opinion) Okpoga: War between brothers - An appeal for understanding.

Written By Idoma Television on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 | 3:36:00 PM

I read with sorrow in my mind the development between Okpoga and Edumoga people all of Idoma ethnic group. Before this, there was an intra-community dispute that sacked many people from Ugboju which has not been completely resolved. War between two brothers! This is a critical period when every  Idoma person should be 'bonded' with another one for a united people.
As an ethnic group we have so much on our hands that we cannot afford  to fight against our own people. We must sheath the sword and embrace peace no matter who is at fault. We have sufficient external aggression against us that we must be united to be able to confront those external forces.

We have not been able to settle the issue of Fulani invasion of our farm lands and communities where they kill our people,rape our women and burn down our villages. We have not been able to silence the ugly spirit of cultism which has taken over our young men , making them fight and kill their brothers without remorse. We have not been able to deal with the strange spirit of kidnapping which is over running our land. We remain helpless in the face of all these evils.

We can not afford to dissipate our energy fighting our brothers at home over little irritations while there is a greater common enemy threatening our fabric as a people. No man goes out chasing rats when his house is on  fire!

Idoma people should learn to dwell on the things that unites us rather than magnifying those little ones that divides us.
Our community leaders must do the needful to ensure these rising trends be stopped for that is the only way we can development in our land.

Austin Abah is the current Vice president of Idoma national forum.
Austin Abah  phD, Department of Animal and Environmental Biology, University of Port Harcourt.
Port Harcourt.

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