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Gunmen rape 17-year-old BSU student to coma in Benue

Written By Idoma Television on Thursday, August 4, 2016 | 5:27:00 AM

By: Mimidoo Shitile
For seventeen old student of the Benue State University, Department of English Language and Literally Studies (names withheld), Tuesday, 26th July, 2016 is the day she cannot forget, perhaps for the rest of her life. She was raped by an armed squad of three.

On the said date, she returned from school after an exhaustive time in school reading her lecture notes only to be awakened by armed bandits who were on a robbery spree in the house where she stays with other tenants and indeed, the neighbourhood.

Narrating her story in sobs, the victim of this crime against womanhood said her crime is that she had no phone or money to give to the rapists, what they demanded from her when they resort to raping her as price for not having a phone.

How did it happen? The robbers cum rapists were moving from house to house and with the aid of guns pointing on the heads of their victims, they would command them to silently open their doors following which they are robbed.

The 17 year old was not alone in the house but because the rest gave away either phones or cash, she was asked to remove her bed sheet on which they used to take turns in raping her.
While two suspects are already in police net in connection with the crime, there is a more dangerous trend to the situation.

. Already, another BSU student has been shot on the arm for allegedly providing a link towards the arrest of the culprits. He was attacked by a group of nine.

Additionally, rather than show remorse for the crime, the rapists are threatening that due to their links with the police, they are going to get off the hook and anybody directly or directly connected with their arrest will be history.
Anonymous source said “Society has to rise against this crime against womanhood.

 Imagine that your daughter is raped by armed bandits; this experience is sure to remain with her the rest of her life. Consider the discrimination she is bound to suffer; imagine the traumatic experience.

“I was disturbed because neighbours only watched her, even mothers watched her as she was sobbing in tears. It is pitiable. I am afraid but this is another job for advocates of social justice and the protection of womanhood,” the source concluded.

For further inquiry on this matter, Chia a friend to the girl can be reached on 08061565233
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