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(OPINION) My reaction to Ortom being rated 3rd Worst Performing Governor in Nigeria

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, August 6, 2016 | 12:00:00 AM

By Acha John Ogbole

My attention has been drawn to a publication on the widely read and respected website www.idomavoice.com which has been credited to DubemNaija which categorically placed our most revere, sincere, hardworking and God fearing leaders of Benue state in person of His Excellency Dr Samuel Ortorm and Engr Benson Abouno, number 3 on the list of the worst and under-performing governors since taking the oath of office. 
In fact, in a rather unprofessional manner of writing and a desperate act of slander, the writer of this article claims that since the inception of the newly elected administration of governor Ortorm, and Abounu, their administration has not and I quote “initiated or executed any viable project in the Land”. They also claim our Governor hasn’t made any efforts in curbing the Fulani Herds men.

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Well, if the truth is to be told, these allegations of under-performance and complete negligence of its citizens by the Benue state government s wicked, wild, irrational and uncalled for. 

It is obvious that the author of this article either isn’t an indigene of our great state or do not reside or follow the activities of the state government must take the authors down memory lane when the Ortom/Abounu administration came on board, this first port of duty was to clear all outstanding salaries owed to civil servants and registered pensioners in the state, these salaries owed for over four months by the previous corrupt and selfish government of PDP were cleared by Ortorm/Abounu APC led government. 

The new government came on board and met Benue state deep in depts, and its coffers almost empty, coupled with the fact that allocations gotten from the federal government reduced drastically due to recessing economy, massive lootings, diversions of state funds to private accounts by corrupt politicians in the previous PDP led government and economic sabotage by the Niger delta militants. 

Yet in the face of all this hardship and misfortune the Government was not discouraged, its cut down its expenses, reduced his personal aids, declared amnesty for our misguided youths who all embraced this amnesty, surrendered their weapons and embraced peace. They went further to create and implement policies aimed at increasing the Internal Generated Revenue and restructuring the management of the BIRS for effectiveness.

 The Government went further to flag off several state of the art roads and drainage constructions scattered all around the state with funds released to contractors for site mobilization and commencement in fact just yesterday 4th of august the deputy governor went around inspecting road constructions been carried out in the state and reassured the people of the state o government commitment of building infrastructures in the state.

The government has also released funds for new secondary and primary schools to be built in every ward of the state and old ones abandoned by the previous government republished and brought back to operational use, the governor has also brought in investors to revamp the Igumale cement company which once completed will create jobs for the indigenes of Benue state. 

In trying to reduce and eventually stop the persistent herdsmen and famers clash in the state, the governor sent a bill the house of assembly for laws to be made to compel cattle owners to ranch their cattle’s instead of open grazing, this same government in less than one month of taking the oath of office, paid off contractors handling the otukpo water works project and water that had not rushed in that area for more than 3years began to rush till today. 

On attracting investors to the state, we have seen efforts made by the government to lure china, Ukraine and India to Benue state to invest as we have seen several MOU’s signed between our state Government and the foreign investors, to invest in areas like agriculture, mining, human development, small and medium business development and infrastructure in the state.

Nigeria operates a very funny system of federal government whereby a state governor who is suppose to be the chief security officer of a state has o power to give orders to the police or army to shoot  at insurgents as only the president wields such powers, as such can on blame this government for the Fulani issues? 

We have on several occasions seen the Governor appeal to the army and President to come to our aid and he has paid numerous visits to the president to seek for a final solution to the Fulani issues. 

The state government did not stop there, they went further to fortify our local vigilantes with vehicles and other logistics to help keep Benue safe and this has paid out as we have witnessed increased security in the state and the Fulani killings and clashes have reduced considerably thus it is irrational, wicked and malicious to state that the government has neglected its responsibilities of securing its people and providing good leadership, development and policies for its people. Ortoms policies on education are well tailored to increase educational efficiency in the state.

These are just a few of the numerous efforts and achievements’ made by the Ortorm/Abounu led APC government in Benue state in less than two years in office as Governor and deputy respectively. 

At this point I ask this people who have decided to make themselves a ridicule of public spectacle by publishing wild allegations, against a government that has shown a rear sincerity of purpose and intent in its every dealing since it came on board.

 This state don’t export oil, or operates a refinery, this is a state that dwells solely on agriculture and mining that has been abandoned by the past  PDP led administration and as such have a very low capacity of generating sufficient IGR for the state. 

Thank God for the new drive and policies set up by the minister of Agriculture Audu Ogbe and President Buhari to diversify the nation’s economy with agriculture identified as the “New Oil” Benue state is now at a huge advantage.

 I urge you all who have decided to become writer to adhered properly to the code of professional research and writing so as not incite and mislead the public and of course so as not to attract litigation from the Benue state government for inciting the public against the government, spreading misleading information which might lead to unrest and defamation and assassination of character. Get your facts right and research well before embarking on a mission of wickedness, misinformation and slander.
Long Live Benue State, Long live Nigeria, Long live Africa, Long Live the Black race….

Comrade Acha John Ogbole is National Coordinator MEMBR, National D.o.S NAIS, & member Representing Nigeria at WASUP)

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