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Behold Otukpo, the proposed capital of Apa State (SEE HORRIBLE PIX)

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, September 24, 2016 | 11:48:00 AM

By Morgan Adikwu

Texas is a State (Federating Unit) in United States of America (USA), a home to a large, diverse population; millions of people from different ethnic backgrounds with significant economic interests and activities. 

The Texans are known with economic liberalism combined with social conservatism of traditional values and moralism, that promote the rights of the ordinary people.

 These basic principles serve as the foundation of Texas Political culture and it's infrastructural development, whose name Otukpo earned as her sobriquet.

Otukpo, the traditional headquarters of the Idoma kingdom, was the pride of the North Central Nigeria during the First Republic, due to her infrastructural development and improved social amenities.

The makers of modern Idoma Nation; J. C Obande, Abutu Obekpa Ministers of the First Republic, Amb. Edward Ogbuyanga, Col Anthony Ochefu, whose wife the popular Mammy market in the barracks is named after (governor of old Anambra State), Andrew Obeya, Vincent Ukwu, Justice A.P Anyebe Commissioners of Finance Benue/Plateau, Dr. Edwin Idoko( first Medical Doctor in Idoma), Ogwiji Ikongbe (opposition leader in Idoma axis), Ebije Ikwue ( first Air force boss in Nigeria), Amb. Ogah Okwoche, Ekah Onoja, Odeh Attah, Sen Godwin Okpe etc. 

These founding fathers of the Idoma nation were patriots, discipline, selfless, hardworking and dedicated to the Idoma Vision. They thrived as they meticulously and collectively built the foundation of what is today known as the Idoma Nation. These heroes developed the infrastructure, roads, rails and other social amenities, such as pipe- borne water.

Today, Otukpo town is in horrible state of dilapidated and infrastructural decay, no thanks to our contemporary leaders that emerged after the founding fathers. Unlike the founding fathers, the present leadership failed to understand that, the quality and nature of roads, infrastructure and other social amenities are indices of categorizing a settlement into township, urban centre and suburb, and that it also has the capacity to attracts and mars other 'essentialities' of good living.

The prevailing nature of Otukpo (Texas City) and the alien political culture in Idoma Nation, is the sum product of our elites and political class, who over the years have been diverting funds meant for the development of the Zone.

 More disturbing is their inability to show remorse and embarked on the process of restitution. Rather, is the worrisome scenario, where it is no longer advisable to hide stolen loots in the farm, some of them have started looking for Churches to hide the spoils in their accounts with certain percentage arrangement understanding. What an affront!

No one captures the failures of these present crops of leaders better than Chief Audu Ogbeh, when he recalled with nostalgia in a rally sometime in January this year. Chief Ogbeh recounted how the founding fathers were able to deploy maturity, tolerance, non violent approach and collectivism to politics and there was no incident of political assassination. But today, cases of high profile political assassinations, armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism, communal clashes, youth restiveness, zero sum game ( do or die politics) etc, are abound. To him (Ogbeh), it's a clear departure from the political culture of our founding fathers.

Needless to be lamenting and wailing over the failures of the contemporary leadership of the Idoma extraction, who never pause and ponder on the fifth and sixth line of the Nigerian National Anthem, they sang on daily basis;
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain!

Rather, it's a humble advice to Engr. Benson Abounu that, the opportunity that his present status as the Deputy Governor of Benue State, makes him the most ranking leader from the zone be utilised to succeed where others before him has misused.

More imperative and in line with the ongoing discourse, it is a clarion call on the forth coming leaders of the Idoma extraction in the likes of; George Alli, Akioyamen Josephine Comrade Dan Onjeh Austin Agada, James Inalegwu Mathew (Odejo ge' Edikwu) Anthony Adah ( D'amanda Nustraa), Sam Abah ,Christopher Ameh, Comrade Okpokwu Ogenyi, Michael Idu, Magaji Achigiri (NTA Makurdi), Bar. Omale Omale, Rexino Ogwuche, Prince Yemi Itodo, James Oche (Dr. Lee), Eloyi Ogbe, Gabriel Unah, Ameh Comrade Godwin-Azikiwe, Apeh Peterhot, Akor Ikwuoche, Iwodi Friday Adogo Austine Adanwoo, Ekah Benard Musa,Itodo John Ogwiji, Ikwulono John Anthony, Igoche Agbo, Winnie Ehimhen Linda Orokpo, Musa Yakubu Olagbaigbai, Nelson Ogbu, Isaiah Adanu Apple of AppleOf God'sEyes Dan Edache Atayi, Stephen Alechenu, Steve Elaigwu Ogwuche, Oche Shaibu Adamu and the rest of us, should endeavour not only to desist from the alien political culture and philosophy (primitive accumulation) of the present Idoma leadership, but rather thrived to sustain the legacy of our heroes past and also ensure to achieve what dead did not allow them achieve.

Abolition of poverty, total eradication of illiteracy and ignorance, access to free and qualitative primary and secondary education, housing and Medicare to all, vibrant democracy, good governance, access road network and other social amenities, as it is in Texas USA, that was filtered away by our present leadership.

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