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Ejection drama: 15 powerful lessons we learnt from the incident

Written By Idoma Television on Friday, September 9, 2016 | 1:23:00 AM

By Enenche Enenche

Pay attention to every detail, there is nothing like small details, detail is detail.
1. Devil infiltrates many of these set of people who come around you to amplify "what people are saying" and most times it is their own sayings, but they are using people's names to tell you their own mind.
2. They come around you with dossiers of people and what they said... Shot them down.

3. They come around you and are bent on knowing your next move... never tell them, they have "confidants" they would tell also, and those confidants have confidants.

4. They come and do some eye-service gymnastics... never be carried away by their acting, it can't stand the pressure of time.

5. Your help would come from within, every crisis has an antidote and it is in moments of isolation these antidotes do come...listen more to the voice within than the voices of people around.

6.Those who look at you in the eyes and told you the truth are not your enemies... your true enemies are those who tell you lies in your presence and said truth behind you.

7. Don't discard those who told you truth, bring them close, but not very close. Keep them within reach where you can still be hearing their truths... it may save you the cost of another crisis.

8. Never think that all those who appeared to be with you are the true friends... it may be that the opportunity to fail you never arose.

10. There is nothing like crisis, it is your approach to it that would determine if it is a crisis or a stepping stone.

11.In image damage control, don't talk, even if you must talk let it be to very few hears whose views can help.

12. Your actions may be right, the other party may be wrong, but since your move may appear wrong, don't try to defend your actions, you can never win. Just take responsibility, move back to the drawing board.

13. We all have crises moments, during these moments if it is possible don't talk or take actions... because if you do, especially if these actions are emotionally driven, you are likely to regret them.

14. You may win the war, but may not win the debate of the war. When doing damage control, never try to win the debate, especially when you are on the receiving side.

15. Devil has motivated some persons never to see reason with you, don't glorify them by giving them a room to have a say by explaining anything, they must find faults in what you are saying.

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