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Governor Ortom's Media Aide, Tahav Agerzua fights dirty on Facebook

Written By Idoma Television on Saturday, September 3, 2016 | 5:57:00 AM

The Special Adviser to Benue State Governor on Media, ICT Transparency and Accountability, Tahav Agerzua was involved in what could be termed social media war of word with PDP stalwart, Bemgba Iortyom over the week.

Tahav, threw away caution and descended so low and used vulgar words.

The drama below. 
Bemgba Iortyom post 
Tahav Agerzua, I left this thread a few days ago but was brought back to it now on notification of ur rather puerile comments about me. Those inanities u concoct about me and post here on Facebook under the names of young men whom u have turned into cannon-fodder simply don't fly.

This is simply because people know enough about I and u to be able to decipher the falsehood contained therein and also know where it is coming from and the motive behind it all. 

Between I and u who's life is suggestive of a curse trail? Curses are supposed to string a course of failure to one's life, and between I and u who's life has recorded more failures than the other? We are both in the business of managing the public images of chosen principals, and it is clear that I have been more successful in this business than u have been.

U were sacked under the Akume governmemt ignominiously when it became apparent u simply couldn't control ur penchant for drunkenness. It is a fact that the day u were booted out there was a public function going on while u sneaked off and got drunk in the kitchen, leaving ur principal, Akume, stranded and searching for u at a moment he had need of ur services. U came away from that unfortunate stint with two nicknames; "Or-foto" and "The Drunk from Utange". 

U perched in the Suswam government under the wings of late Conrad Wergba and managed to keep soul and body together chiefly by being the devil's advocate to him. U were the evil behind every act of infamy the late Conrad was credited with. U still have unanswered questions hanging around ur neck about certain nocturnal crimes committed then. 

U are now here given the brief to man the public image fort of the Ortom government, but given ur choleric and cantankerous nature u have just within the spaces of a year made a legion of enemies for the governor and racked to his political stable more ill-will than any leader ever got in this state even in two full tenures. But knowing u such a situation benefits u and serves ur clandestine pecuniary designs better. 

U are a snake with no sense of loyalty to any cause. U are a lecherous failure with a history of failed matrimony which is clearly the result of lack of blessing. 

As for me, I have been successful at all stations I manned. At Chille Igbawua my track-record stood out clearly in shine, same as at Tivlumun Nyitse. At both stations I did u favours giving u patronage which ur moribund Power Magazine didn't deserve. I still have photocopies of payment cheques I made out to u for totally unsolicited services, but which I granted more our of sympathy for u than any need I had of such. 

I am today the spokesperson of the main opposition party in this state and steadily exposing the ineptitude of the government u are (dis) serving. By the activities of the opposition which I speak for the government of ur principal has been exposed for truly what it is before the people of this state, and ur bellicosity combining has put that government at such a huge disadvantage that it can't even attempt to conduct the local council polls for fear of losing woefully.

U have not excelled over me in anything in life, and u will never do so. This stint in the Ortom government is going to end up being just another addition to ur retinue of failures, because u are a man cursed and inexorably doomed to failure, Or-foto Tahav Agerzua, The Drunk from Utange.

Tahav's response 
Good morning,
I can never descend to your levels of indecency no matter the provocation. But let me state without fear of contradiction that I have never ever taken ANY cheque from you for services from any of your principals who I know personally and did not need your intervention to get a contract or payment.
I challenge you to publish any such cheque if you have a photocopy.

When you came up with the crap the other day that I write against you under cover of Jacob Jande he came out boldly to answer you.
You have no proof whatsoever that Governor Akume sacked me for any wrongdoing. If you had ever had the privilege of holding the public offices that I have held by the grace of God, you would have realized that they are held at the pleasure of those who make the appointment as he who hires can also fire without giving any reason. However, I held the office of Chief Press Secretary to the Governor for six years, a rare fit beyond your reach.

You are yet to show convincing proof of your successes in the academics and other areas of life. There are allegations that you attended the universities of Ife, Benue State University as well as the Open University. Can you show proof that you made a successful outing in those places?

I'm not sure you were responsible for the Hon Chille Igbawua's electoral success in the first term because if you had the formula you could have replicated it during his re-election as well as the PDP primaries for Dr Tivlumun Nyitse.

I'm sure if you knew what I drink you would order drums of it to take and achieve a little.

When the PDP was a behemoth where were you? Who even heard your name? Now that it has been torn into shreds you pick a piece and claim to speak for, what a pity. Well, since you didn't have the privilege of sitting at the dinner table you are welcome to the toilet.

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