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Sammoses Enenche: After the burial, what next by Enenche Enenche

Written By Idoma Television on Thursday, September 1, 2016 | 3:24:00 AM

My first and only one-on-one encounter with Rev. Sammoses Enenche was in 2012 when I ran into him at Zanklin Hospital in Abuja. He came to pray for a patient.

I greeted and told him my name, he jumped to hug me and said; "O'gbada" (meaning father's namesake). He gave me his number and said I should try and see him, he had heard so much about me and was happy to see me in person.

Few days later, he called and gave me the direction of his office, I went and he introduced me to his wife who was present that day.

When it was time to leave, he asked me how did I come? I told him I came with taxi, it was my early years in Abuja, I didn't have a car.
He did something that touched me, he called his driver to take me to Gwarinpa with his personal car, a black Toyota Corolla to where I had a meeting. This was my only one -on-one encounter with him, that has left an everlasting imprint in my heart.

This was the kind of hear he had. This was the heart that went down at Adupi today.
We have buried him, but we must look at his grave and remember some of those qualities that made him Sammoses.
His heart was large, he would order his driver to park by the roadside to greet a fellow on the highway... a fellow shared this testimony of him.

His heart was large, he would see talents and go after them; not to pick faults and to see what they are doing wrong, but to invest in what they are doing right...that is mentoring!
His heart was large, though with strengths and weaknesses like every man, he never held unto people's weakness for so long and ever forgot that they ever have strengths. He went for strengths and not weakness... that is maturity!

His heart was large, large enough to open his arms to everyone he had ever raised even when they are not still with him... that is a heart that understands purpose!
He built bridges and not walls, his castle may not be evident on our streets, but he triumphantly built castle in men... he opened his doors to these men, even when they were no longer with him... no wonder he had fewer 'enemies'!

He raised men not for "his church" but for the Church of Christ. No wonder his seeds are spread across different denominations... kingdom mindset!
This is why, Abel Uloko can stand on House on the Rock altar to tell those who care about Sammoses Enenche.

This is why Chris Morgan is singing in far away South Africa on an OFM platform, but his eyes are on a grave at Adupi.
This is why Godshield Orokpo sits in Uganda, watched helplessly as a destiny helper is laying helplessly in a casket.

The list is endless. Rev. Sammoses Enenche's grave in Adupi reminds me of so many things. Things that he demonstrated in his moments of strengths.
In his moments of strengths, he opened the eyes of his people to greater doors and opportunities.
In his moments of strengths, he gave us strengths when we saw him triumphing over despair with hope.

Like everyman, he had his battles. We watched him conquer fear with faith. Like everyman, he had his triumphs and his defeats.
He recognized his helplessness without God. He was a free man who never imprisoned himself in the prison of "What would people say"... because he knew that people even had what to against his master Jesus and crucified him.

He was a man who sentenced himself to the prison of MERCY AND GRACE...the greatest source of his strengths.

He gave us strengths when bridges he built disappointed, but chose the path of love. His hands of fellowship were opened to those he raised, who left him... this is called security!
He never blacklisted any of them, rather his saw them as fellow lieutenants in one common army (God's Army), doing one work (God's Works)... this is sincerity of purpose.
No wonder, his seeds are spread all over denominations. He didn't build a denomination, he built a church; The Church of Christ.

Though he was buried today, but these sides of him can never be buried...it is forever in our hearts... HE WILL SURELY RISE AGAIN ONE DAY!
Sleep well my General; Rev. Sammoses Enenche.
... Enenche Enenche (Comedian)

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