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The genealogy of Innocent ‘2baba’ Idibia (CONCLUDING PART)

Written By Idoma Television on Sunday, September 18, 2016 | 1:53:00 PM

By Ameh Comrade Godwin

The generation of Innocent, the son of Michael, the descendant of Idibia Ije, the inhabitants of Amufu Ejeba.

2. And it came to pass that Ije knew his wife, and she conceived and bare Idibia, for the stolen idol has been found.

3. And the days of Ije were 85 years, and he died.
4. And his son, Idibia, the Amufite reigned in his stead.

5. And Idibia took a wife, Elaje unto himself and begat Michael and his brethren. Unto him she begat Obite, Jerome, Enayi, Joe and Tony in those days.

6. Idibia was a Railway worker and he died. He was 90.

7. And it came to pass that Michael was now grown, and he said unto his brethren, come now I pray thee, let us take a wife unto me. That I may go in with her.

8. A certain Ogegeite named Rose, and Rose was charming and Michael loved her.

9. And Michael say unto his brethren, come now, let us go for I have found whom my soul loveth in Ogege-Ojapo.
10. And it came to pass that they married.

11. And Michael knew his wife and bare Stephen, for the
Lord has crowned my efforts with joy.

12. Michael knew his wife again and bare Innocent, for my days of my inequities are over.

13. For Innocent was full of wisdom and a psalmist.

14. And in those days, Rose bare more sons, Hyacinth and Charles and she conceive no more.

14. And Innocent was grown that he said to his father, leave me I pray thee that I may go unto the city for my talents waste here.

15. And his father said unto him, whence goest thou?

16. And he answered and said, I go Lagos, that I may sing.

17. And it came to pass that he has come thither unto the city and sang.

18. And he said unto the people of Lagos, hark now o ye inhabitants of the land. For the Lord shall surely make me prosper in this strange land, I shall no more be called Innocent, Tuface shall be my name.

19. Then, Tuface said unto his brethren, Augustine who was called Blackfaze, the inhabitant of Agatu and Chibuzor whom his brethren called Faze, the lad from the east, come now let us unite that we may sing in one accord that we may plant happiness in the heart of men through psalms.

20. And Blackfaze said unto his brethren, we shall no more be called by our names, Planthasun Boyz shall we be called, for the ancestors have blessed us with psalms.

21. To the inhabitants of the land, Planthasun Boyz sang the psalms of love and peace, and unto them they psalmed Ememma, for it is not by power nor by might.

22. Unto the heart of the men they psalmed Ocean Of Passion, Like Her Better, Knock Me Off and the land favoureth them not.

23. It came to pass in those days that Tuface said unto his brethren, tarry here that I may go forth into the city and look for bread for our souls suffereth in hunger.

24. And a voice came unto him saying: hark ye now unto the voice of the Lord, today, even unto eternity, shall thou be blessed.

25. Therefore, depart ye now from thy brethren and this day to a land where I will show you.

26. And I shall put more psalms unto your lips, thou shall be made great and rich, even in this land, children’s children shall sing your songs.

28. Tuface, the Idomaite departed thence and came unto a far street for the anger of his brethren was kindled against him.

29. And the name Planthasun Boyz ceased, even unto this day, it is heard no more as one body.
30. Innocent sang many songs in the land. Unto them he sang African Queen and he was rich.

31. And the Idomaite said unto himself, surely, the Lord has blessed me, for my voice is heard loud among men, even than my brethren; for I have come face to face with hunger and death but the Lord in his mighty hand delivereth me, and he named his first album Face 2 Face.

32. Innocent psalmed many psalms as the Lord gaveth him utterance and he was multiplied in gold and silver. The second album came, and he named it Grass 2 Grace, for the Lord has lifted me from penury to plenty.

33. And it came to pass in those days that Tuface waxed stronger in psalms and the Lord blessed him.

34. And thieves came thither unto his dwelling and shot him, and he dieth not for the Lord was with him. And he titled another book of his psalms: The Unstoppable, for no man shall stop the Lord’s anointed.

35. Innocent took three women, Annie, Pero and Sumbo unto himself and knew them.
36. And the children of Tuface were seven.

37. Sumbo conceived and begat Nino, for the hand of my father is on me. Tuface again went unto Pero and she begat a daughter, Ehi, for my gift has made me rich in this land.

38. In the eight day of the fifth month in the year of the Lord that Pero took in and begat a son and he called him Justin, for I am a just and upright before the Lord.

39. And unto him came another male child, Innocent Ejeh Junior, the Lord has given me another me. Tuface said unto himself, I am entangled in a Love triangle. What shall I do? And he sang a psalm of repentance, Implication, for my third leg has led me into this mess.

40. And he sang the psalms of repentance and the Lord said unto him, rise now thou son of man, for thy cry has climbed up to me in heaven. Take ye now Annie, the Akwa Ibomite, go unto her people and pay her for hand for she shall be thy wife. And Tuface sang again another song, Rainbow, for my life is colourful.

41. Tuface departed according to the word of the Lord and married Annie, even in the land of Arab he married her and he sang in another book of Psalms, Away & Beyond for my Lord has lifted me even beyond my shores.

42. And it came to pass that Michael, Innocent’s father waxed old and died, and his years were 68 and he was taken to his home in Amufu Ai Ejeba according to the word of his grandfarher, Ije and was buried.

43. And the Lord blessed Tuface in coins and gold and he said again unto the inhabitants of the land, for I came unto this land empty, even without iron but the Lord has increased me in riches and gold, I shall no more me call 2face, 2baba shall I be called, for once the Lord spake but twice have I heard.

44. And he went unto Annie, his wife and knew her again and Annie begat a daughter, Olivia: for surely, this is a symbol of peace.

45. 2baba he was called even unto this day.

46. And it came to pass that 2baba was 40 and his kinsman, the man of pen, Ameh Comrade Godwin, the Owukpite said unto him, silver and gold have I not but what I have I give unto thee. Take thee this write up that it may bless your soul and even your brethren.
Happy birthday 2baba.
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