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ALBUM REVIEW! Enijeni by MC Tunez – Another beautiful work done in a hurry

Written By Idoma Television on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 | 12:56:00 PM

By Ameh Comrade Godwin

It was during my last trip to Otukpo, Benue State that I decided to stop by at the office of acclaimed number one music marketer in Idoma land, DJ Slow at Benue Links Park.

I asked him to get me the current music trending in town and he quickly brought out one album with a bold inscription, Enijeni and proudly said, “bros, this guy na em d tear town now o, you need to listen to him.”

I paid for it and other CDs I bought and zoomed off.

I was driving with my twin brother, Enenche De Comedian and we decided to break boredom with music and guess the first CD I decided to slot in! Yes, you are right: of course the music of that guy ‘wey dey tear town – MC Tunez.

This time around, I decided to have another look at the album cover and something caught my attention, the subtitle of the album – Enijeni (Jane Mother), I m sure he meant ‘Jane’s Mother’.
That was when it downed on me that he wanted to write Ene Ijeni or Eni’Jeni.

That is by the way, let’s play songs.

The audio album opens with an intro thus: a girl (Jane) was accosted on her way to church by a guy (with a horrible voice) trying to woo Jane. The guy made Jane to understand that he was in love with her and would want their relationship to end up in marriage, having watched her closely for a while.

Jane responded, “I was not brought up that way. May God forgive you.” And you wonder when it has become a crime or a sin to marry a woman.
The drama ends and you are introduced to the first track - Enijeni, which is the album’s title.

Behind the beat is Ameriya singer, Benue Boy – he delivers from instrument to instrument. The harmonization of his sounds is legendary. The type of melody that reminds you of old hits by Omo Jesu, Kimi Ranking, Allen B or Raymond King Gbaji of the Alanta fame.

The song uses analogy of a certain Jane who left the village for the city only to end up as a commercial sex worker while she made her people back home to believe that she’s a banker.

Amazingly, whenever Jane comes to the village, she pretends to be a good and upright girl. She troubles the entire village with prayer but beneath her is a woman in bed-to-wealth business.
Moral – Not all that glitters that is gold.

Enters track two – Onyanmma – the Idoma version of Ada Ada by Flavour.
Again, the producer, Benue Boy proved that he indeed has an enviable flipside.

The song adores the beauty of the Idoma woman. The woman that is fresh like morning wine. MC Tunez and his team of translator killed it with a perfect translation of the song into Idoma language. Flavour Nabania must be proud of them!

Track three entitled Odigbo is a message to those who literally sell out their daughters during marriage. The singer found the love of his life, went to the parents but he was shocked when they demanded for outrageous bride price.  He wondered if the daughter was for sale or just for marriage – he asks Odigbo? (What is Wrong?). Nice message but was overpowered by the instrument. Whoever mixed the song deserves a heavy knock.

Skip to track four, Enenche (This Day), another Idoma version of Arambe by Brymo.  This track is not necessary. Poorly written but well-produced!

Ochobo is the name of the fifth track, a failed attempt to re-do Phyno’s Fada Fada featuring Olamide – and you ask, is this necessary. Capital No. Thumbs down!
Finally, Ihotu Kum (My Love) is a nice song but spoiled with too much auto tune. Not original. Nice beat by Benue Boy though.

I don’t want to write about the advert called outro.

Poor album graphic, full of errors!
Ene’Ijeni was wrongly spelt and translated – thus Jane Mother (Jane’s Mother would have been better). Note: Jane’s mother is not one word in Idoma language.

All songs ‘product’, recorded, mixed and master… (produced is the right word)

That horrible voice introducing DJ Slow Music Production in all the tracks is irritating.

He was in a rush to release the album, hence the reason for the avoidable errors.

He must work on his voice in subsequent albums – seems to be losing it sometimes.
All songs revolve round – women – party- et al.

He has a brighter future in music.
Nice work by Benue Boy.

Scorecard: Bronze.
 Ameh Comrade Godwin is the Entertainment Editor, Dailypost Newspaper 

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