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(OPINION) The Chibok Girls Abduction; A Hoax or Reality?

Written By Idoma Television on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 | 1:25:00 AM

By Omaga Daniel

Recently, the media (both local and international) was awashed with news of the release of 21 Chibok girls out of the over 200 reported to have been abducted by the dreaded Boko Haram Sect. While jubilations and mixed feelings trailed this development, it is pertinent for one to critically bare his minds on some of the questions that are still left unanswered. 

In its entirety, while some believe that the abduction was indeed an act of terror, others believe the episode was a hoax! A politically motivated strategy, carefully organized and executed by professional mercenaries to discredit the past administration of GEJ. A hi-tech political maneuvering that could pass for an all time best seller.
On the other hand, many believe the recent release of these 21 girls is another calculated attempt to make Nigerians believe that Yes, the PMB led administration promised to secure the release of these girls if been voted into power and they are indeed fulfilling their promises. At some point, OBJ, a close ally of PMB said that these girls may never be found alive. A statement which many activists believe was goofy.

Even PMB, his spokes persons and wailers took similar positions. They opined that the girls must have been married away or sold as slaves. These assertions never deterred Madam Oby and her soldiers (BBOG team)  in their struggles and advocacy for the release of the girls. Funny as it became, the FG later saw these agitation as a hydra-headed problem that must be curtailed.

Without mincing words, I want to commend our security agencies so far for their resilience and commitment in fostering lasting peace and security across the nation. You guys are the true heroes! 

1. Before these 21 girls were released, we were told that a few escaped. Subsequently they were sent abroad for further studies. How come were our security agencies unable to get clear leads from this first set that escaped on there whereabout of the others?
2. In contrast to the insinuation that the girls are been constantly harassed sexually and that a lot of them now have kids with the terrorists, how come these 21 that were released recently were neither pregnant or with babies?
3. How come the principal of the Chibok school instead of being thoroughly questioned on her complicity in the whole scenario was rather compensated with a commissioner position by the borno state government? Was it a way of saying thank you for a job well done?
4. How come the BBOG co-campaigner suddenly became a jewel in the savannah? From COS to Elrufai to NPA Boss in a quantum lift. Was it also a compensation for playing her role effectively?
5. If indeed there was no negotiation between the FG and the sect to secure release of some of their top officials, then one may believe that the BH have suddenly become repentant and patriotic, hence the release of the first batch of the girls. 
6. From the photos released upon the release, one may clearly see that the girls were not malnourished. Is it possible that they were feeding on a 3 or 2 square meal per day even in captivity? 
7. Will the remaining girls be released in thesame condition before 2019 or there will be a delay, so as to give another campaign gospel to the political parties? 
8. With the release of this batch, can the FG and our security operatives still claim ignorance of the whereabouts of the chibok girls?
9. How come as SSS3 students who were to sit or sat for physics examination, most of them are unable to express themselves in English? Are they actually the girls that were abducted or not?

These and many more,  are questions that need to be answered as far as this chibok saga is concerned. 

Comrade Omaga Elachi Daniel.

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